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This page has grown so large that I am going to break it down into smaller pages. I have tried to group pages together under a heading that is descriptive, but some sites cross lines. I will try to list those sites under both of the headings that they fall under, but bear with me...links are NEVER up to date as they change so quickly that this information is out of date before I even get these pages uploaded to my server.

Please email me, with "Quiltaholics:Links" as the subject, with any comments about any of the links I have listed or if you are looking for a specific one. I look forward to hearing from all of you!

These links are informational, have patterns, lessons, etc
Online Shopping
This category is definitely self-explanatory!
Quilting Teachers
These sites belong to quilting instructors
These sites offer services to quilters, including Long Arm Quilting
Paper Piecing
These links have information and patterns
Computer Software
These links are sites about quilting software, and sites that concentrate on using quilting software
These personal quilting sites that I like to visit
Online Guilds/Mail Lists
These sites host online maillists and guilds
These sites are just for fun, or don't fit in any other category

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