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I have made some changes to the mystery, and brought it into the 21st century by uploading the directions as PDF files. If you need the free Adobe Reader, then please go to the Adobe website by clicking on the link. I will NOT debug PDF for you. This is a standard format for the web, and you should be able to read it.

I am also giving you another option for the weekends...I have set up a maillist so that you all can talk to each other...and I can talk to you. It will also allow you to share pictures of your fabrics, and completed quilts. I will NOT be checking my regular email, so the only place that you will get a timely answer to any question is via the maillist. It is also the only place where corrections will be announced, so I strongly recommend that you join, if you haven't already. If you don't want a lot of email, then you can tag it for "no mail" and just read it from YahooGroups.


Click on the link above to join...it seems to only generate a large amount of email through the weekend, and the few days following...then it tapers off to just a few a day for a couple of weeks as folks finish their quilts. If anyone needs help getting signed up...just email me.

Weekend Whatever #28

This one took over two months to design itself. I was able to decide on the main blocks rather quickly but the rest took quite a time to tell me what it wanted to be. I decided that this one had to be just a 2 color quilt...even if the 2 colors were the same color, but different values. You will need a Light and a Dark. And you have your choice of 3 sizes : Small, Medium and Large. All is spelled out in the General Information page.

General Information
Saturday, June 1 10am Part 1
Sunday, June 2 10am Part 4
Saturday, June 1 2pm Part 2
Sunday, June 2 2pm Part 5
Saturday, June 1 6pm Part 3
Sunday, June 2 6pm Part 6

I have moved the directions to request most previous mysteries to the "For Sale" page...just click on the link. FYI...you will not be able to see pictures of the patterns...after all, these are "mysteries"! If there is one that you are looking for that is not listed there, please email me .

Please Note : Copyright means that what I post on this website can be freely printed down for personal use only. If you would like to use one of my mysteries for your guild, or for a shop class...you MUST contact me first. You may print down a page from the website for personal use, but no page, or pages, may be copied for distribution for any reason without my express written consent. Once a mystery has been completed it is for sale for use in a class, or for a guild. Please email me for costs and specifics.

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