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This page is for all of you to send in information on your favorite local quilting shops. I know that a great number of us look for a quilt shop when we travel, so I thought that it would be nice if everyone listed their favorites for others to explore. Won't you please share them with us?

Please email me with "Quiltaholics:Quilt Shops" in the subject name and include the shop name, complete address and phone number, an email address or internet address if they have one, and a brief 2 line description of what can be found there. If all this information is not included in the email, I will not add the shop to the pages. I was looking up information on the internet if just a website was given, but I have gotten so busy that I can no longer take the time to log on and check each time. Please help me out by including complete information in each email.

Please send in the names of your favorite shops!!! I look forward to hearing from all of you!

The list has gotten very long...all 50 states and 11 overseas I have broken them down into individual pages...shops are listed in alphabetical order on each page.

United States
Alabama Indiana Montana Rhode Island
Alaska Iowa Nebraska South Carolina
Arizona Kansas Nevada South Dakota
Arkansas Kentucky New Hampshire Tennessee
California Louisiana New Jersey Texas
Colorado Maine New Mexico Utah
Connecticut Maryland New York Vermont
Delaware Massachusetts North Carolina Virginia
Florida Michigan North Dakota Washington
Georgia Minnesota Ohio West Virginia
Hawaii Mississippi Oklahoma Wisconsin
Idaho Missouri Oregon Wyoming
Other Countries
Australia Chile Germany Norway
Belgium Denmark Japan South Africa
Canada England Netherlands

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