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Thank you for sampling my designs! I don't make a lot of money on them, but the work is worth it if you all enjoy them. I have just added some older mysteries, and have 4 more to put up...I'm working on them now!

I am using CCNow to allow you to purchase patterns with a credit card, or via Paypal. You can also still order with a check or money order by clicking on the "Order by Mail" link. I hope that this will encourage you to sample a pattern using one, or the other, payment method.

If you would like a mystery in it's original format to be used with a guild, or quilting group, please email me as you must purchase the mystery design. I promise that my prices are extremely reasonable. Please include your name, your Quilt Guild name, snailmail address and phone number. I will be in touch to sort out the details.

If you are a shop owner, please email me for wholesale information.

Because this page has grown so large...and I hope will grow even more...I've separated it into two pages. I hope this will make your viewing a shorter exercise.

Regular Formated Patterns - All On Sale
Which Star?
Southwest Whatever **
'Tis the Season **
Duo for the Wall
Shadows **
Directions **
Noise **

Mystery Formated Color Patterns
Mini Mystery #1 On Sale
Forever Spring
Open and Closed
Cool Down
Lacy 8
Omaha Connection
'Tis the Season **
Stained Glass...Fooled Ya!
WW#1 - Southwest Whatever **
WW#2 - Bubbles
WW#3 - CrissCross
WW#4 - Shadows **
WW#5 - Noise **
WW#6 - Directions **
WW#7 - Kitty Kitty
WW#8 - Forever Around the World
WW#9 - Spinning New!
WW#10 - Positively Negative New!
WW#11 - Pointed Aggravation
WW#12 - Tradition
WW#13 - Stars Above
WW#15 - Across the Nation New!
WW#16 - Stash Basics New!

Patterns marked with ** denote that there are versions available as both Regular Patterns and Mystery Patterns.

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