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Confessions of a Quiltaholic!

Name: Wendy Posted: unknown
I have been quilting for about 4 months now, and fear I have already become a quiltaholic. I handmade some quilted cushions for friends and relatives for Christmas, and then Santa brought me a lovely sewing machine! Well now, the sky's the limit! I have already scoured the shops for all the quilting books, and magazines. I have acquired a huge pile of fabrics in leafy autumnal browns and ochres and reds. I am searching the internet for resources. I am hooked. I am taking a vacation next month - 3 whole weeks without my sewing machine! I've only had it 2 weeks and I'm already dependant on it. Whatever will I do? Give up quilting for 3 weeks? I think not! I will have to go back to hand-sewing. Hmmm... If I cut all the pieces beforehand I can just take them plus my little sewing box. Oh wait - I will need to take a couple of quilt books too - and the applique hoops and my cotton collection and...Who's a quiltaholic? :) Cheers! Wendy
Name: Wendy Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Wendy and I've become a quiltaholic. LOL My mother and Aunt sewed, so I learned early. But it wasn't until a few months ago and a quilt site, on the internet, that I got started. Need I say more??? It's now after 5:00am, I've been up most of the night sewing on a project. My hubby, bless him is tolerant, but does not fully understand. I only wish I had the trunks of cloth that my mother had!!! I've always loved quilts for the love and work that goes into them. There is a special pride and accomplishment when you do it yourself. And then there's the inability to wait and see how it turns out, you want to know now!!!! Need I say more, I'm truely hooked, and love every minute of it. If only there was more time, more fabric, more etc!!
Name: Wendy M. Posted: unknown
My name is Wendy M. and I have been quilting for about 2 years now. I absolutely love it. I started quilting when my son was about 18 months old, and now that he is 3, he is beginning to dread the phrase "going to the fabric store." (As you might guess, he really doesn't want to go). One trip to the fabric store was special though. I let him pick out some fabric to make a new quilt for him, since he had out grown the first one I had made for him. He of course picked two different fabric with trucks and cars and construction vehicles on them. Then all I heard for the next few days was "Did you make my quilt yet?" I tried to explain to him that I needed to make a quilt for my cousin's new baby first since it needed to be done for the baby shower. He would stop asking for a few hours - but then he would ask again "Did you make my quilt yet?" And the same explaination would follow. Then every morning when he woke up "Did you make my quilt yet?" My mother said to me, "You may have to make his first!" Since I make all of my quilts by machine, I managed to take a day off of work, and I pieced the top, and then I had the weekend to quilt it. I got it done by Monday. Of course, it was a very simple design which facilitated the quick finishing, but he was so pleased to have that quilt! He was so proud that he picked out the fabric! I think it will be something he will treasure forever - and I am sure he will have many quilts throughout his life that I will make for him. I give most of the quilts I make away - I make them for special occasions usually. The joy of giving to someone special something beautiful that I have made gives me endless joy. That is why I love quilting - that is what I live (and work to fund the habbit) for!!!

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