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Confessions of a Quiltaholic!

Name: Val Posted: unknown
Well, gee, guys and gals, when I saw this I thought you meant CONFESSIONS -- those sordid tales of ignorance or inattention that we hope we can laugh about later! It's just a given we are all fabric collectors, pattern junkies and masterpiece-makers! But I will tell one on myself, to get acquainted: I've been thinking that I need an "ugly-quilt" -- one I can take on picnics or outdoor concerts and toss down on the ground to sit on & I wont care if I get grass stains on it, etc. WELL, I recently came across a pile of Grandmother's Fan blocks I sewed about 20 years ago! Honestly! I don't know if I was desparate, ignorant, or bored, but those were some of the UGLIEST color combinations and fabrics you'd ever want to see! All that's left to do is to join them, back them and quilt them -- my REALLY UGLY quilt is already half done! Val
Name: Veone Posted: unknown
I have been a quilter for quite some time and find your web site wonderful. I am an assistant office mng/peace keeper at an apartment complex. I also reside here. People are constantly on the move, but I thought that I would let everyone here know that I also teach quilting and if there was any interest in making small wall hangings to let me know. Wow! what a surprise I got. Not one single adult seemed interested, ah but the young people were. Mind you these are kydes from 6 to 16. I was thrilled. I invited them to my apartment and we looked at the patterns on Quilt Block Central listed on your web site. They were so excited to see what the finished block would look like and because it was in October they decided to make a wall hanging for their parents for a Christmas gift. The pattern they chose was one of my all time favorites also, the Friendship star. Once a week we gathered and they learned so much, too much to tell you. When the project was completed we had a party for the parents and the kids presented them with their gift. I tell you I had tears it was so precious. Now we make two projects a year and each time it is as exciting. Watching both boys and girls struggle and then become near experts at what they are doing, Sure there are lots of goofs, but fixing these only leads to more learning. Many of these kids have since moved, and I hope that they have taken with them something they will always treasure. At this time we are in the process of making the cute Calico Cat. Keep up the good work please...Sincerely, Veone
Name: Vicki Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Vicki and I have been quilting on and off for 20 years. For the first 15 years the fabrics I bought were bought for a specific quilt and I only purchased what I needed for that quilt( and I never had more than one project going at a time). Boy has that changed!!!!! I now have a stash that only another quilter could appreciate. My car just can't and won't drive past a quilt shop - in fact my local quilt shop is close enough to work that I have been know to go there at lunch time just to enjoy the fabrics. (I must admit that on most of those trips I just had to have a fabric that cried out to me!) When I started collecting fabrics I was building a Christmas Stash because I could never find the fabrics I needed when I wanted to work on Christmas things. I still work on that stash but have included all fabrics that "speak to me". I also love quilt books and know exactly what day the quilt magazines should arrive. And since I want to share this obsession of mine with those I love... I have gotten my sister into quilting - she is as bad as I am! One of our favorite times is the week I spend in Maine with her and her family - we quilt, fabric shop, quilt, fabric shop etc. Her son moans and groans but her 4 year old daughter informed us that she is going to be a quilter when she grows up and she loves to go fabric shopping!
Name: Virginia Posted: April 2004
Hi, my name is Virginia. I am a quiltaholic. I have been quilting for 1 whole year now. It has gotton so bad that I quit my job so that i could have more time to quilt, (I told hubby it was because I just couldn't stand it ther any more.). I though I had an extra bedroom when my daughter moved out, so i moved her stuff out and began filling with fabric and other assorted quilting stuff. Then she moved back in. Boy was I mad. Where was I to put all this stuff and where was I going to sew????? Well i moved into the dineing room. Guess what? The sound of a sewing machine running for hours will make everyone leave the area!!!! I have the whole family trained now. I just pull out the cutting mat and they all disapear and i can quilt in peace for hours!

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