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Confessions of a Quiltaholic!

Name: Teri Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Teri...and I am a hopeless quiltaholic & fabripiglet! I started quilting about 10 years ago after my 7th grade daughter took a quilting class at school! For that Christmas I bought her all the tools, mat, ruler, cutter, etc. Then I promptly took them back after she showed no interest in them. And the rest is history! But what I did, because I did resent every second at work because I could hardly wait to get back to quilting was....opened a quilt shop! Now I get to touch, fondle, admire and covet all the fabric I want...and even have time to do some quilting! My motto: Feel Free to Freely Feel the Fabric! Oh and by the way, my daughter that got me hooked 10 years ago is 23 years old now and took back all her quilting tools...she and my other 2 daughters are also hopelessly addicted!
Name: Terri Posted: unknown
Hi! My name is Terri and I am a quilt-a-holic. I imagine beautiful quilts that I will make and everyone will want to spend lots of money to but one of my original works of art. The truth is I spend alot of time collecting fabric (lots of purples) and not as much time quilting, but I love the imagining part of it. It is the creative process of the imagination that is the healthiest part of my addiction, and makes me the happiest.
Name: Terri Posted: January 2005
Hi.. my name is Terri, I started quilting two years ago while my husband was deployed for 1 year, 5 months, and 21 days. Boy, things changed when he got home, he says that when he left I had minimul fabric (I had more then that he just didn't know it), I have always sewed, but quilting is it for me, I ebay sold all my "other" sewing stuff, kept nothing but good quilt store fabric. And now...I have my own room, this past weekend we finished my very own design studio....yeah.... it holds my Janome, my White, my Elna, I have a collection, the shelves are full of FAT QUARTERS, and quilt kits, I have enough of them for 10 quilts, I have a closet full of tops, we know what those are, I made 11 last year. I love this, can't wait to find the next quilt store, we travel and make sure that we hit all stores on our way...
Name: Terri Posted: August 2006
Hi my name is Terri, I am a Quiltaholic for sure. I have been trying so hard to stop buying and getting fabric for a long time, but when I go past any quilt shop, I have to see what is the new fabrics they brought in. I am terrible because I not only get the new fabrics but I then look to see what else may go well with these new fabrics. My problem is that if I am on the way to the store for any other item(s), I end up forgetting them and I go home to wash the new fabrics. I now have been putting it all in order. I have been following the method of some ladies who have great web sites, (Bonnie Hunter, Alex Anderson, Sharyn Craig, etc.....) But I tend to forget the fabrics that are in the other rooms in the house, like in the garage, the other 3 bedrooms, but when I do find them, it is like Christmas all over again. I go nuts with them all. For my birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Easter, etc..... all the other holidays, I just go and get myself some "celebration fabric". It makes the day quite special, for me that is....... I have made my DH and DS and DD's several quilts, but then again, I just stack mine up and purely enjoy them. I have also made them for the children's hospitals and also lap quilts for the senior homes. Now, I must go and get some more shopping done, RIGHT ???
Name: Tess Posted: unknown
Yes, hobby and craft does not describe this passion of mine. It is definitely a lifestyle. I eat, drink, breath and live quilts. So much else gets in my way. You must lead a balanced life with family and home coming into the picture - but it is sooooo difficult sometimes. Why can't everyone have an addiction like this - it is not like I smoke or drink! In fact, a few of my friends have given up those nasty habits and joined me! They find it very theraputic. Tess.
Name: Tonia Posted: January 2005
I have been quilting for 25 years or more. I too had to get a job to feed my habit. I teach quilting to some very eager ladies who are just as hooked as I am. I always have 4 or 5 quilts on the go and I built a workshop for my husband in the yard so I could use His room in the house for my quilting. Thanks for the web site it is great.

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