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Confessions of a Quiltaholic!

Name: Sammy "G" Posted: unknown
This stuff is too funny. Kinda' reminds me of 12 Step behavior. You know, like AA philosophy! Only there's no humility! We're all proud of our "spendy" ways in regards to sewing mania. There's really too much out there and too little time, isn't there? I've been quilting for 2 years but sewing for almost 46 years and kept fabric buying under control until I took up quilting. It turns you into a monster with an insatiable hunger for ever more beautiful fabric. One of my favorite comments about this sickness came from Marilyn Doheny (the bargello author and teacher). She said if she weren't so inhibited that when she went into a fabric store she would take bolts and bolts of the lovely stuff and unwind them on the floor and wrap herself up in them and just roll around. Pretty much sums it up I'd say! I do commercial machine quilting with a business partner and between us we have 7 sewing machines and the long arm quilting machine. We both probably need professional help!...Sammy "G"
Name: Sandy Posted: unknown
Hello I am a quiltaholic; I can not pass up a sale on fabric. I had to take over the den as a sewing room just to store all my fabric. I think I could start my own fabric shop. Mind you none of this goes to waste as I make quilts; quilts; quilts...Sandy
Name: Sandy Posted: April 2004
I am the world’s worse quilter, but I so adore quilting. My quarter inch is always off and my blocks seem to enjoy lining up quite crooked! Right now I am working on a Friendship Star! Looked so easy, but it is a hexagon shape and all of the borders are not meeting without fuss. It must be me! Sandy
Name: September Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is September and I'm a quiltaholic and fabriholic. My husband says I'm obsessed, and now I think he is catching it, as he has been buying fabrics and keeps telling me he has this fabulous idea for a quilt design of a rose that he is going to have me make. I have a 6 year old son who is also addicted. He has a favorite quilt shop and he insists that he must have fabric whenever we go...I have been sewing since I was 9, quilting since I was 20, and I'm now 39. My husband is supportive, but keeps commenting "so how many quilts are enough?" grin....
Name: Sharon Posted: unknown
Hi my name is Sharon and I am a Quiltaholic and proud of it. I have more fabric and quilt magazines than I'll ever use. I subscribe to five magazines and buy two more at the grocery store. I never met a Hoffman that I didn't like. I've got six projects going at this time and ideas for many more. My husband (the fabric police) has given up trying to get me to stop buying more fabric and doesn't ask if I really need any more. I tell him that a scrap quilter needs lots of fabric to make wonderful quilts to sleep under. My mother doesn't quilt...she just collects the most delicious fabric; I tease her that she's building me a wonderful stash to leave to me in her will (she's 68). So you see I come by my fabriholism naturally. Everyone in my family has a quilt to sleep under, some have several.
Name: Sharon Posted: unknown
Hi..My name is Sharon and I'm a quiltaholic. What a great idea this is. I have read and enjoyed so many of your personal stories. I stopped feeling guilty about 5 years into my 12 years of quilting and fabric buying. I have stopped counting projects. Currently I am on a plaid kick and am cutting for 3 quilts at the same time. Whew!! It takes a little planning, but when I'm done I can sit down and sew, sew, sew!! I have a 3 thimble plaid project going, a two thimble and a one thimble. That way if I become bored I can change projects in a twinkle. I keep all of my peices in see through plastic boxes and my finished blocks on the wall. It's fun to see all three projects taking shape at once. I have 3 ongoing Log Cabin scrap quilts going also. Some I turn into class projects and some I give for special occasion gifts to family members or friends. My best sewing friend and I swap fabric on a regular basis. We buy 1/2 yard cuts of fabrics that appeal to us and fabrics to go with whatever project we are each working on. It works out beautifully and I'll bet we are within $10.00 of being even with one another. I stopped keeping track of how much I spent to swap several years ago. Another nice thing about this little addiction is that my fabric collection has become much more interesting because she has different tastes than I do. Happy quilting to you all in the year 2000
Name: Shawn Posted: April 2004
My name is Shawn H. This is a she. not he! I have a lot of fabric which I did not finish them as I was supposed to do. I am happy to know that there is no need for me to feel guilt of buying some fabric and patterns after I read your and others. WHEW!!! It has been like this in many years and I will start to sew whenever I am ready to sew quilts and other projects... It is cool to know you and others. I still have small sewing room. There is a lot of stuffs there and it is crowd! I hope that we can find a biggest room for my sewing room so my hubby will plan to make me some tables so I can use them for my project. I am taking dressmaking and design. I can learn more about fabric and others.. It is fun to learn..
Name: Sheila Posted: unknown name is Sheila and I'm a Quiltaholic! I am 39 years old, a wife and mother and I used to sew. Now I quilt. Until I began quilting just over 8 years ago I had no understanding of addictive compulsive behaviors. When asked how I choose fabric combinations for my quilts, I have been known to respond that fabric "speaks" to me. Unlike many Quiltaholics who purchase fabrics indiscriminately because "it was there", I only take home fabrics that beg to come with me. There have been days when a particular fabric has SCREAMED, "TAKE ME HOME!!" to me on the street before I ever crossed the merchant's threshold. But it is not always the loudest fabrics that go home with me, most often it is the ones that tell me stories or the ones that quietly whispered something I needed to hear. I used to feel guilty about this compulsion but one day realized that the primary characteristic of God is He is The Creator and I believe we are created in His image and as such MUST create! Unlike many addictions in life that become destructive, being a Quiltaholic has created beauty, warmth and friendship in my life.
Name: Shirley Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Shirley and I am a quiltaholic and fabriholic. I have been sewing since I was about 6 years old and have been totally hooked since then. I have been quilting for about 15 years and absolutely am consumed by it. My house is so stuffed with fabric that I sometimes fee guilty...for a few minutes! My sewing room has so much stuff in it that I sew on the kitchen table. If you want to sit in my living roon, you have to push the stacks of fabric, books, patterns, etc. to one end of the sofa as you step around the ironing board. I have two young sons, so I don't have as much time as I would like to have to indulge. I cannot wait until next fall when they will all be in school all day. My great aunt makes 1-4 quilts (string pieced and tied) each week to give to the needy and I hope to become involved in her work. My great-grandmother used to make quilts for the missions. From what I understand, I am a fifth generation quilter. (My mom hasn't caught the bug yet, but she sews everhything in sight except quilts.) My DH will graduate from college (after working at it for 20 years!) in Decenber. I am so excited that I will have some free evenings when he can watch the boys so that I can hjoin a guild and take some quilt classes!!! I am shameless about passing along my addiction. My best friend had not touched a sewing machine in years until we took a quilting class together. Now she is ONE of US!! She says that it is "cheaper than therapy", but she has a lot more self-control than I do...I'm so hooked that we cannot go anywhere without checking my Quilter's Travel Companion (which my DH insisted that I buy) to see how close we are to a quilt shop. I have found some really neat ones! My DH is well trained. If I find something that is on sale, or really outstandingly gorgeous, he always asks if I am buying enough. I think I'll keep him!
Name: Shirley Posted: unknown
Hi! My name is Shirley. I started quilting two years ago. I am learning to quilt in order that I will have something to do when I retire. The problem is now I don't want to work any longer, but I have to in order to finance this marvellous HOBBY. Every opportunity I get, I am sneaking upstairs to the sewing machine to do "just one more square". Who am I kidding.
Name: Shirley J. Posted: unknown
I hear you all; just now trying to start on a miniature pieced heart quilt, and all my addictions come into play. Use scanner and computer to make the paper copies; try to incorporate family genealogy in there with pictures now; but the quilting part is so relaxing, haven't been myself since I haven't had time since Christmas. The best medicine there is! Since I usually only buy if it's all cotton AND $1-2, I'm able to get to bed so far, since sewing room is also bedroom. Just saw today some with trapunto and will have to try it. They don't build up fast as there is more demand than time to sew, but at least I don't have to go to work anymore. But my favorite time to read is bedtime, you guessed it, quilting books. Ain't it great! Shirley J.
Name: Sue Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Sue and I am a quiltaholic. Luckily, or not, my husband has also "caught the bug!" It's wonderful - although there are moments when he really wants to use some fabric from my "special" horde, or needs some help on a project and I just want to do mine. Of course, he got the LARGE wall storage unit to hold lots of fabric, and is enen now pin basting a quilt for me. And he does the greatest machine quilting - I may on piece from now on. Went to my quilt shop today, was greeted at the door by the owner who asked if I would beinterested in some sale fabric. Of course I was. They had a roof lead, some fabric was wet and they were selling if for 75% off!! Got over 50 yards of great greens that I'll use somewhere. Can't afford such good luck very often. The ideas are already flowing - isn't such an obsession great?
Name: Sue Posted: unknown
Hi! My name is Sue and I'm a quiltaholic. I'm also a "dew-baby" - I love to drink Mt. Dew while I'm quilting. It gives me the energy I need to be creative. It all began about 10 years ago. I started with fat quarters, then it was half yards, next yards and now I buy fabric by the bolt. My sewing room looks like a quilt shop. I think that my kids first words were "fabwic" and "patteren". Hey! It's cheaper than therapy and I LOVE IT!
Name: Sue Posted: unknown name is Sue and I'm a quiltaholic and a fabriholic. I've been sewing since I was about 6 years old, and quilting since my aunt Laurie gave me a Better Homes and Gardens book when I was twelve. That was about 24 years ago! I now have a husband and four children, two sewing machines and two closets, six humongous plastic containers and one wall of our bedroom full of fabric. I've given up knitting, crocheting, coss stitch, needlepoint and sewing to spend every hour and every dollar on my quilting habit. I have about 30 quilts in progress (is this a problem?) and another 100 on my list of things to do before I die. I go to the quilt shop at least once a week and spend ALL of my extra money there....sometimes even some of the grocery money!!! When my dh graduates from school and gets his six-figure job, I intend to find us the house with the BEST quilting studio, have it set up just the way I like, and quilt full-time. That will be my payback for putting him through school, again!
Name: Sue Posted: unknown
Finally, a place I feel at home. My name is Sue and yes, you guessed it I'm on my way to being a quiltaholic. I've sewn for years but starting quilting about 6 months ago when the quilt shop near my house offered "demo days" one Saturday a month. They said come see a new quilt block each month and take home a block to make. After the first two months my girlfriend I were starting the shop's mystery quilt. Of course that wasn't enough so I made a lap sized Jewel Box, which my 5 year daughter has claimed as her own and happily informs everyone who sees it - My mom made this quilt just for me! I thought I was in control until I started picking up a fat quarter or 6 every now and then. My dining room sees more fabric than food and I don't think that's a problem. My husband and I were at a wedding this weekend and arrived early so we wandered the streets near the church before the service and guess what we found - a quilt store. It was closed but the owner was still there and invited us in to browse. I told my husband it wasn't rude to take a bag of fat quarters to a wedding as long as I didn't start cutting! Seriously though, quilting is a great hobby and has very few side effects. It keeps me out of trouble and my daughter loves picking her favorite fat quarters for her next project while I drool over all the new fabrics. Thanks for the support and let's quilt!
Name: Susan Posted: unknown
Hi! I'm Susan and I've been a quiltoholic since 1972, when I found an old Mountain Mist catalog at an estate sale and decided to make one of the quilts pictured there. I ended up beginning with a different pattern though. The pictured quilt, Oklahoma Dogwood, was made eight years later. I'm a professional hnad-quilter who goes by the business name of "The Compulsive Quilter", a name my husband, Ken, came up with. One of our first dates was a quilt show - Ken went with me willingly and came away from the show with several block names memorized. I knew then that this was the man of my dreams! I have to confess that the internet has contributed to my "addiction", since I've been able to join several swaps and two round robins.. What a delight to meet quilters from far afield! I think our addiction is a positive influence on society. After all, quilts symbolize home and warmth, and we keep all that money moving around with our fabric purchases.
Name: Susan Posted: unknown
Hello---My name is Susan and I am a quilt-a-holic and a Fabric-a-holic. Now I started out innocently enough with a sampler class in 1982 as soon as I got pregnant and saw the play "The Quilters" as I thought my son needed a quilt. Of course neither the queen size sampler (I didn't want to start too small!!!) or his first quilt are done, but he does have 3 that I made him. Meanwhile I have gathered a great collection of fabrics of different styles, quite a few UFO's (because I am addicted to going to classes to get some human/female company) and some FOs (finished objects)---except most of those have been for others. I also discovered blinkey patrol, so once a month I get to sew with free fabric and batting, and other ladies for no charge! I have a small dresser full of fabric plus some in other places, and when I go to quilt shops or quilt shows I just can't resist the newest fabrics or stuff I just don't have.
Name: Suzanne Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Suzanne and I can feel the symptoms of becoming a quiltaholic/fabricaholic coming on. I just watched my first "Simply Quilts" show about 1 month ago and I was HOOKED! Whoever said quilting is going to be a lost art? I actually did hear someone say that...and if I could only remember who it was, I'd direct them to this confessional page. It's so inspiring to hear everyone's story. Isn't this great? I already have 8 books on quilting techniques and about 40 pieces of fabric... all in one month! AND in a small town in Texas that has only one quilt store (but we have a Wal Mart!) Everyone have a great quilting experience!
Name: Sydney Posted: unknown
I have been quilting since I needed a bedspread in 1991. I now am in my sewing room (which I clean by closing the door) between 3-6 hours everyday. Ain't retirement grand! I have a stash of fabric which takes up one wall of my workroom and always am on the lookout for something new and different. When we go on trips I have quilting withdrawal symptoms---so have to buy more fabric. My interest (obsession) has led to lots of new friends, I am attending many classes. I plan to attend the quilting seminars in Asilomar next year. There is hardly a day that I do not learn to do something new, use different colors and textures, I am never bored and do not know how I ever found time to work full time...Sydney
Name: Sylvia Posted: unknown
Hi my name is Sylvia I live in Cape Town. I know how all you ladies out there feel. I have only been doing Patchwork for about 5 years but I just can't resist the urge to buy fabric, magazine's and anything relevent to my Lifestyle. It get's so bad that I hide it in the boot of the car and only bring it into the house when hubby is not around. I sit and look through books for hours until I find that perfect quilt until the next one. Thank goodness my children are old enough to have their own life.
Name: Sylvia Posted: August 2006
Hi, I am a quiltaholic. I breath, eat, sleep and even read quilt books in the bathtub! There is no one I know who quilts so I'm talking another language to everyone I know. I'm so anxious to share one of my new quilting "toys" with them....funny they don't get excited. Thank goodness for forums, I'm loosing count of how many forums I've joined related to quilting. I'm now looking up all the quilt shows on TV and luckily there are not a whole lot. I'm also addicted to quilting magazines but I think I may be getting a little better, I only buy the ones with a quilt I would like to sew. Oh and lets talk quilt books, just give me the 40% coupon off at Joann Fabrics and I'm off like a shot. I loves those coupons. I have a quilt designing program that I would love to talk with someone about but the girls at this store only look at me with contempt "we have to work during the day" Huh, like I don't, after all I have all these quilts to sew for all my relatives and friends. The girls at the shop see me coming in their store again and I feel like they can sense my addiction, my eyes get blurred, I look at the fabric for an hour, back and forth and back and forth like a caged animal. All the while clutching my 40% coupon. I've been quilting for about 10 years but I have a quilting machine now and you can't hold me back. I feel like I think of quilting 24/7 and I can't stop. If my husband saw this e-mail he would surely think I'm neglecting the children. Little does he know I'm trying to turn my own 6 year old into a quiltaholic. I can't type anymore I have to look for more sites with quilts and some with fabric etc etc etc

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