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Confessions of a Quiltaholic!

Name: Paddi Posted: unknown
Hi my name is Paddi and I am a quiltaholic and a fabricaholic. I knew I was first afflicted when my husband added up fabric purchases and grocery purchases. Fabric was $5 to $1. Now my addiction is more dangerous then I would ever confess to anyone who I see regularly. I own a quilt fabric store. I had to purchase the store. The old owner was threatening to close the store. What could I do? Where would I go? I convinced my husband that it would make money when I bought fabric instead of cost money. Now for the confession. I bring some of each bolt home. I cannot stand the thought that a single bolt may leave the store without a piece staying with me. I have 15m of fabric in the clothes dryer as I write this. I never have time to really make anything from my stash. I am to busy at the store dreaming up new projects to order more fabric for all the other quiltaholics. My UFO pile takes on a life of its own. I started 2 new ones yesterday. I will start a new one at my demo at a guild retreat tomorrow. My plan is to retire and lock myself in my studio and finish everything. Will I live long enough...
Name: Paige Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Paige and I'm a quiltaholic. But more importantly, I'm a fabricaholic. I've always enjoyed sewing and have been interested in learning to quilt the right way (I'm famous for just "faking it") for years. Then I gave birth to my son in 1997 and suddenly I yearned for another opportunity for an act of creation! So I started creating quilts. I've only completed about seven, but my fabric collection has been steadily growing. If I only had an income of my own, I'd probably fly to cities that had quilt shops going out of business. That's it--I'm a fabric vulture. You can call me that-- I won't be offended because it's true. Anyway, my old 1967 $20 Montgomery Ward machine died last week, so it looks like I'm Bernina bound. I'm very excited and a little nervous. After all, this is a big commitment to actually cut up and sew together that fabric!!! Whew-- thanks. I feel better already.
Name: Pam Posted: unknown
As a quiltaholic, I found I really missed reading. Fortunately they have all the books on tape . Now I listen to the newest best seller while I quilt. I also have an enormous fabric stash, some peices 40 years or more. I was lucky enough to be the great granddaughter of a quilter and she left me all her pieced tops and templates. I believe it would be sinful not to continue the tradition. I do wish the other 7 granddaughters loved it as much as I do, but at least my 15 year old thinks original things are awesome . We don't usually like the same styles or colors, but it is wonderful to have the bond...Pam
Name: Pamela Posted: unknown
My name is Pamela and 10 years ago I took a hand-piecing class and made one pillow (the only project I finished out of six pillow projects). After that time I began collecting fabric - "Oh that would make a beautifull wall hanging" - so I would buy the fabric, but never make the project. Three years ago, while we were living in Tokyo, Japan, I met a wonderful southern woman named Virginia who was teaching quilting (piecing by machine this time). So I thought maybe I would get some motivation to use some of this fabric, so I signed up for a class. I finished a wall hanging, bought more fabric, bought more fabric, bought more fabric......almost finished another wall hanging, bought more fabric......Here I am three years, moved to San Antonio, Texas. My husband just retired from the Air Force and the first thing he says is "Why don't you take another class for motivation?" I laughed and then went and bought more fabric to prepare for a new class. This time I need a support group, don't you???? Help!!!!!!!!
Name: Pat Posted: unknown
So happy to find my sisters on your site. Now I know, this addiction is inherited. All of us need to be in a 12 step program. We need to come out of the closet, the one we can't get into because it is full of fabric. Anyway, my friend Gale and I have made a pact. The one of us that outlives the other, is to tell the family of the deceased, of the shop we had just gotten the lease for. The one we have been buying all this stuff for,all these years...Pat
Name: Patt M. Posted: unknown
My name is Patt M. and I've been quilting for about 2-1/2 years and just love it. I was very much into x-stiching, but have completely given that up. Reading these confessions are a hoot!! My girlfriend is to blame; she had me take a hand quilting class with her and I got the bug soon after that. I was pregnant at the time and have spent the last two years hauling my daughter around to quilt stores. Her prize: a fat quarter from each store if she is good! I'm instilling the love of fabric in her early. We just had another daughter 2 months ago, 4 kids total, 2 boys and 2 girls and the boys are just as interested in quilting as I am! Darling hubby encourages this fabric-buying-for-future-project habit of mine as he feels that it is good that I "get out and mix with other like minded women"!! Very considerate, after my last fabric buying spree, he asked if I had purchased enough fabric and wanted me to buy more if I hadn't! Quilting isn't a pastime, it's a way of life and I love it! I recently moved away from my quilting girlfriend but now we plan get togethers where we can visit quilt shops. Our fantasy: opening the biggest and best quilt shop so we can spend the day with what we love: FABRIC!
Name: Patti Posted: unknown
You know that you are a quilter when ...
You can't remember your friends names, but you can remember the name of every speaker and quilt author you have ever heard.
You can't remember where your keys are but you can find that obscure little shop that had the perfect fabric again.
You can't drive to the airport (it's just too confusing), but you can find every quilt shop in every city that you visit.
You have trouble mastering the microwave but that new quilt program is a breeze...
Name: Patti Posted: April 2004
My confession. I love fabrics. I am so many it is overwhelming. and I cannot bring myself to cut any of it for a quilt. I feel that I may ruin my beautiful fabrics. But I want to start. Any suggestions? I try not to buy any more fabric. It is so beautiful. I can clearly see the finish projects in my mind. But to commit myself to actually cutting that material. And I inherited my love of fabrics from my grandmother. (If she was here, she would berate me into jumping into one project now.) Patti H
Name: Paula Posted: unknown
My name is Paula and I too am a quiltaholic. I love everything about quilts and fabrics. I have been restrained by comparison to many of the other confessions that I have read. I don't have rooms full of fabric, although I do currently have 7 works in progress (Some large, some small). I've overcome the guilt of buying fabric with no specific project in mind and will start a new project in a heartbeat if the pattern speaks to me. My almost three year old has her own bag of scrap fabric and knows on sight which hoop contains "her" quilt. My DH's most often asked question is "who is that one for". I actually have completed and given away some, but don't share his opinion that we only need one quilt per person. Is he crazy? I no longer make teddy bears (which was my previous obsession)(an entire large box of teddy bear making supplies have been consigned to the garage, to make way for my quilt fabrics and tools). Am I any more repentant than the rest of you? NO! Do I want to be cured? Heaven forbid! I am perfectly content.
Name: Paula Posted: unknown
Hi. My name is Paula. Although I have sewn for many years - I am a fairly new quilter. It's my husband's fault. When I was injured last year and had much time on my hands, he bought me a new - fancy sewing machine. While I was recovering, I had lots of time to plan, design and shop for fabrics and quilt. I was even able to finish a project before starting another one. Imagine. Now, I have had to come back to the world of reality which requires working 40+ hours a week - and to be honest. I really don't have time for work. Thank heaven that all our kids are raised and OUT of the house cause I would be the first Mom reported to CPS for neglecting the children because of quilting!
Name: Peggy Posted: August 2006
I have to agree with Debby about needing more room. But going to a quilt shop on lunch would be bad. I would loose track of time and be late getting back to work. I retired but found that I had to go back to work so I could afford the new machine and the fabric in which to quilt. Now have daughter and, hopefully, future grand daughter in law quilting.

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