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Confessions of a Quiltaholic!

Name: Malia Posted: April 2004
I am a full time college student who lives in a dorm during the school year. I know how unwelcome a sewing machine would be in a dorm so every break from school I become a quilting fiend back at home. Over the last spring break, which is a mere week long, I completed two trip around the world quilts and made 7 trips to the fabric store. I love quilting! Most recently I made a double pinwheel quilt for my mother and I'm about to start on my sisters quilt! -Malia
Name: Marian Posted: unknown
I thought my life had been taken over by quilting. Now add Internet quilting to complicate life (and make more enjoyable) even more. There just isn't enough time to do it all but look at the fun we have trying with all these wonderful web sites and projects available. Housework? Not in the foreseeable future! Marian
Name: Marilyn Posted: unknown
My name is Marilyn and I am definitely and proudly a Quiltaholic! I learned to quilt with another American back in the 70s here in Brasil. She'd learned from her G'ma in Missouri! Little did I suspect then what a total addiction this would cause. At that time I had no clue how to hold the needle, rock it back and forth (I took individual up and down stitches that took forever), what fabs to use, etc. I filled the quilts I made in Brasil (about 6) with a layer of flannel, the only reasonable fabric on the equator that fit the need. My Mother took pity on me and bought and sent me a copy of QQQ! After unlearning all the bad habits I had acquired I took off for real! Trips back to the U.S. revolved around fabric stores and quilt shows! I absorbed quilting through the pores to bring back to Brasil and keep on quilting. Back in the U.S. (California) for 8 years, it just plain took over my very existence, dining room, family room, under the bed, in the closet, the storage box on the back of the pickup truck (even the truck learned the route to all the local fabric stores), etc. I'm back in Brasil now with my Brasilian husband (adult kids can fend for themselves in the U.S.) and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my shipment of household goods! What does that contain you ask? Silly question!!! At least four large dish packs and a large antique trunk filled with fabrics and quilting supplies, four book boxes filled with quilting books, three book boxes filled with quilting magazines and, most precious of all, a box with a 1951 Centennial Singer Featherweight, my birthday present to myself last year. Took a class on cleaning and maintenance so I can handle with care here in Brasil, pitched the 30 year old Kenmore to my totally ignorant-of-sewing matters 21 year old daughter, packed up the FW with care and bubble wrap and am mentally making plans to commercially make quilt-type throw pillows for sale here in Brasil. Just not a large demand for quilts 10 degrees south of the equator! But true addict that I am, I will continue quilting along with the pillows, after all the relatives back there expect quilts on birthdays and holidays for at least two of the many family members! And, of course, I have my own mental health to take care of too! Sew in Piece to Fellow Addicts
Name: Marilyn Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Marilyn and I'm a quiltaholic. Only started about 3 years ago, but it has completely taken over my life. Fortunately I don't have to work, so can spend as many hours a day as I please in my sewing room. Some days dinner never even gets made. I'M HOOKED!!!!
Name: Marlene Posted: April 2004
Hi, My name is Marlene & I'm a quiltaholic , I've been one for at least 35 years. I started when I was in my early teens . I've made so many quilts that I've lost count but I have them all over the North American Continent, including the Northwest Territories. I've sold a few but most of them I have given away as wedding gifts, baby gifts, etc. Then along comes the internet with all these lovely websites for patterns, shop on line for all that lovely fabric just because it's pretty and I'm more addicted than ever, but isn't it great. I wouldn't change it for the world.
Name: Martha Posted: unknown
I was married in April and worried a bit about whether my new husband had any idea of the strength of my addiction. When I was single my money and space were my own, as were his. Would he understand a fabric stash ... umm .... textile library? Could he ever know the profound joy I felt in buying a tiny bit (o.k., 3-4 yards) of a beautiful fabric just because it was beautiful? Would he say, "But you haven't finished the last one yet" when I enthusiastically set off to collect what I'd need for my next project? I wasn't sure I wanted to know the answers.
June rolled around and it was with some apprehension that I embarked with my best girl friend on our semi-annual "just how much fabric CAN you fit into the car" expedition to Mary Jo's in Gastonia (quilter's heaven!). When I arrived home the trunk was bulging. I crammed everything into two bags (which weighed about 200 pounds each) and waddled into the house, hoping he wouldn't notice the obvious damage I'd done to the checkbook. He caught a glimpse of me as I staggered up the stairs with my haul. This was the moment of truth. I crept back downstairs and gave him a BIG hug. He looked at me and with all seriousness said, "Honey, did you get eveything you wanted today? You only had those two LITTLE bags."
It was then that I knew I'd married well. :) ... Martha
Name: Mary Posted: April 2004
Hi my name is Mary and I am a quiltaholic.I started sewing /quilting when I retired 4 years ago. Last week when I was helping my daughter move I had her going to a quilt store in the town where she works to get me the right coloured FQ's for a block I was making. Then I realised there was another store right close to her new apparment and of course I had to go and buy more fabric right in the middle of the move. My DH just can't get it. I'm really hooked and loving it.
Name: Mary G. Posted: April 2004
Hello. My name is MaryG and I am a quiltaholic. My mother asked me if she could take my daughter to her quilt group meeting. It sounded like a great bonding thing, so I said sure. I dropped her off and went on my way. This went on for several months. My daughter, Sarah, later informed me that she had joined the group and had this thing called a "Birthday Square" she had to make and she needed help on it. I promptly told my mother that I would drop Sarah off at her house so she could help her on this "square thing". After a number of months my mother's already developed heart disease began to get worse and I thought it would be a good idea if I helped Sarah on her Birthday Squares so my mother could rest. I sewed a little, clothes mostly, but I knew I could get through a couple of months and then it would all be over. So I helped Sarah sew. Then I visited a meeting and met some sweet lady friends of my moms. Soon, the Birthday Square year had ended and this group had voted on a new project to do. It was called the Medallion Round Robin. I figured I would stay in the group while my mother still lived because it gave me some visitation time with her. Not to be outdone, my older sister decided to join the group also. My mother had already convinced her sister (my Aunt Lorine) to join so it was now kindof a "family thing". Soon all the creative juices began running, no, scrambling through our minds for all the borders and we would have family gatherings just to help design each other's next border. We didn't know it yet, but we had been "HOOKED". I now consider this group MY friends and we have gone through several years of Medallion Quilts, Mystery Quilts, Row Quilts, Fabric Swaps, Shop Hops, Quilt Shows, and so many charity projects I can not count them. My mother has since passed and I thank her each weekend for revealing such a treasure on earth. I have filled a special place in my bedroom with all the fabric that we all know is necessary for such a lifestyle and I am accepting any suggestions for an add-on quilting room. Do you have to have the room done before you buy the fabric? Sew Long, MaryG
Name: Missy Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Missy and I've been quilting for 12 years, seriously for four (seriously meaning I don't stop to cook, clean, answer the phone, etc.). I am a quiltaholic ... but I'm finding out that we openly tout our secret in the form of quilt guilds where other quiltaholics gather to spread the news of a new quilt shop or fabric or show. When my family moved to a rural location full of the Amish, I started going to their auctions and buying quilts. My husband said I couldn't buy anymore because it was getting too expensive. So I retorted that I would make them instead. I'll bet if you ask him now, he would admit that he should have let me buy them instead of make them - I have fabrics enough to fill a room, not to mention the special gadgets and equipment (i.e., sewing machines) you need and the space to accomplish your projects and the books to inspire you and teach you! The nice thing is, he's patient and has even gone to quilt shows with me. I bought him "A Husband's Guide to Quilting," a delightfully funny paperback which equates quilt construction to Tim, the Tool Man's finest veneer plywood and writes in terms men understand. Anyway, I just wanted to confess after all these years, I'm still hooked and proud of it. Confessions (of this kind) are definitely good for the soul.
Name: Molly Posted: unknown
In December I discovered a place in my city that recycles everything for artists. The first time I was there with a friend I noticed rather large boxes containing discarded books of fabric samples. That night I hurried out and bought myself a sewing machine for Christmas. "Look dear, you don't have to shop for me now," I said. Since then I have pieced together 6 patchwork Christmas stockings, one small quilt top, 2 pot holders (for practice) and at least 15 quilt blocks. I love my machine. I am a quiltaholic. I confess that I love to stop in fabric stores and dig through the remnant piles. I am pestering all my friends for old sheets and bits of fabic. I have also discovered thrift stores are an interesting place to get unusual fabrics CHEAP. I even purchased a cotton table cloth on sale at Odd Lots because I liked the fabric. My house is trashed and I carry little bits of fabric and thread all over the place with my slipper socks. My library card is maxed out on quilting books. I love it!! I never knew until I bought this machine just what I had been missing. I'm glad I'm not the only one with the sickness. Carry on...Molly
Name: Mona Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Mona and I'm a quiltaholic. I have more fabric than I can ever use, even if I live 100 years, which I doubt, but I cannot resist buying more. Also, I love quilting books, going to quilt shows, getting together with friends to quilt. Since I've become a quiltaholic, not a day goes by that I don't spend some time either thinking about quilts, working on a project or looking at someone else's project with green eyed envy. I've lost sleep countless nights thinking about how much different a quilt would have looked if I used an alternate fabric, shade, or thinking about quilts to make in the future. I sympathize with anyone who shares this addiction because I truly know you will never be the same again.

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