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Confessions of a Quiltaholic!

Name: Lanee Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Lanee. Yep, you guessed it, I'm a quiltaholic.:):) I have been quilting for only 4years now and I am self taught. I have never taken a formal class, but I collect class schedules from nearby shops....for just in case. I love fabric, but in my case I buy yards of my favorites and then when it comes time to use them I just can't justify using them in any quilt. What if I can't ever find that particular fabric again. I have refused to work because it would only interrupt my quilting time. So my husband does it. I also know that I have to spend quality time with my 5 children so they all quilt with me. It is so bad that people will pick the occasional thread off of my husband. I do only have one regret...... that I didn't discover it years ago. Good quilting to all.
Name: LaRaye Posted: January 2005
Hi, My name is LaRaye. I started quilting in February 1995. My first piece was a small wall hanging just to see if I liked quilting. After the first few stitches, I was hooked. Quilting has taken over my life and I have to add a pleasant take over. My sewing area has increased in size from a 6 ft X 4 ft area to a 14 ft X 16 ft room with a Grace quilt frame, large work area and storage for the expanding fabric stash. Even the outside of my house tells everyone who visits that a quilter lives here. On my front door there is a sign that says, " Warning quiltaholic in residence" and on the door to my quilt room, "Quilter's Parking, all others will be stitched & tied". I've just recently opened Trigger Mountain Quilting, where I teach hand piecing and hand quilting. Most of my quilts are hand pieced, I have done machine piecing but my personal preference is hand piecing. All of my quilts are hand quilted. I use my frame but I also still quilt some in a hoop. There is just something about having a quilt piled up in your lap on a cold winter day and quilting away. I've been blessed with several award winning quilts. It's always nice to have your work recognized. Remember, you can always tell a quilter by the "threads" she wears.
Name: Laura Posted: unknown
Hi, I'm Laura. I'm a quiltaholic, fabricaholic and a machineaholic. I've been quilting for about 17 years. I have many, many WIPs, very few finished projects and those that are finished have been given away for the most part. How bad is my addiction? I'm always shopping for books, fabrics, tools and anything sewing related. I go to the local thrift shops to find silk ties and other useful articles for quilting. I MUST visit my local quilt shop at least once a week. If I miss a week or two, the next visit will be a binge trip. I also collect antique and vintage sewing machines. I have over 100 machines, about 80 0f which are working, useable machines. Recently, I bought a friend's business (sewing, what else?), and put a new building (12' x 24') in the backyard for that. All of my sewing stuff is supposed to go out there, but there isn't enough room! I have it crammed into spaces all over the house. Moving it is like unzipping compressed files! How will I ever get it all into the building? As for DH, he understands the need to buy fabric, software, used ties and old machines. In fact, he collects toy sewing machines and handcrank sewing machines. I have a 4" thick binder where I keep patterns, tips, etc. that I've found on the internet. I just bought a new printer yesterday because it will print a sheet of 11" x 17" and had a good rebate. Great for those larger paper-piecing blocks. I don't feel bad about collecting fabric. I may not find that gorgeous print again and when I'm old and on a fixed income, I'll have plenty of fabric to work with (or trade). I used to feel guilty about starting so many things and leaving them unfinished, but now I think that I might be able to finish them later or leave them to someone who will. I enjoy piecing the tops, but the quilting is difficult because of carpal-tunnel syndrome, so I just do what I can.
Name: Laura Posted: January 2005
Hello, my name is Laura, and I'm a quiltaholic. I realized that my obsession with quilting was out of control last week while I was suffering from a bout of stomach flu and needed my husband's help to get down the stairs from our living room to our bedroom. The day before (pre-stomach flu), I had been ironing a new quilt top. I had to stop in the middle of ironing for some reason (I'm sure it was a life-or-death emergency having to do with an eleven-year-old's bad hair day!), and the quilt top was still draped over the ironing board. Well, as my dear husband was man-handling me down the stairs to tuck my nauseated, dehydrated, feverish body into bed, I stopped and said, "The corners of the blocks hanging off the left side of the ironing board there don't match. And there are three blocks of almost the same color that are too close to each other." As a testament to my husband's patience, he did not throw me down the rest of the stairs! Thank you, Debby, for this wonderful site that allows me to touch base with others who share my passion!
Name: Laurie Posted: unknown
Hi! My name is Laurie, and I have had a relapse into my addiction. After 10 years of not quilting because of a breakup of a 15 year marriage, being a single Mom of 5 kids, and successfully completing Nursing school, I have found that my frame of mind is right to start up again. I remember the days of thread all over the floor, babies lying on my works in progress while I quilted them. I have boxes and boxes of Quilt mags from the 80's and early 90's, and have been reading all of them during the past 2 days...marking all of the ones I want to try and make. I also have 3 full sized quilts either 3/4 quilted, or ready for the tops to be put together. I'm so excited that I want to burst! I also have boxes and boxes of fabric.You know how it see a fabric you love and buy 5 yards of it.."Just in case it's not there the next time you go to the shop" I know that I'm not up on the newer stuff...I still do everything by hand. Not a machine stitch in any of my work. I think my next step will be buying a sewing machine. Thanks for letting me share my happiness!
Name: Laurie Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Laurie. I am a quiltaholic and I don't need help. I am still in denial. I moved to Michigan (for a year) 3 months ago and brought all my fabric and a only a FQ of my clothes (lol). I have fabric hanging in my closet, stored under my bed, in the bottom drawer of my dresser, on my dresser, and all the rest of it that they are holding for me on bolts, down at the fabric store . I use to lead a normal life, but now I see color combinations everywhere I look. I have it bad. Only my cats understand and show their support, by testing the comfort of each piece. They have a fabric rating system that works quite well. They test the comfort level of each piece and the more hair they leave on it, the more comfy I know it is. The cats & I must have similar taste too, usually the fabric they leave the most hair on, happens to be the fabric I like best. Unfortunately, we both like dark colors. Sew anyways, that's my story & I'm sticking to it.
Name: Lavender Posted: April 2004
Okay, I admit it. I am addicted. I have been quilting since I was 10, some 39 years. I learned from my Grandma, but have only recently begun taking lessons. I am having a blast. However, I now find my addictin is starting to cost a lot of money. I have found that buying one yard of a fabric that I liked for my stash didn't do me much good. So I have upped it to a minimum of 3 yards for fabrics that catch my eye. Therefore, good fabric usually costs me a minimum of $30. But with each main fabric, you also have to have contrasting and coordinating. I rarely walk out of a quilt shop spending under $60 and I go in at least twice a week. Do they have a quilters anonymous group? I hope not. This is the greatest addiction of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Leslie Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Leslie and can identify with all of you. I feel somehow I was born to do this (quilting). I can't explain any other way why it is that I am 'drawn' to fabric and patterns. I think we were all born with special talents whatever they may be, and I believe that quilting may be one of them. I also believe we were meant to share our gifts with others so that others may enjoy our quilts as much as we enjoyed making them. I also have a DH (keeper). My husband(after seeing each quilt progress from fabric to a finished work of art) gets 'attached' to them so much so that I finally had to explain to him that when you make quilts for other people, you must view them as 'foster children' ready to be loved by someone else when they are finished. Little does he know that I can't wait to get started on the next one! I even dream about fabric and patterns. Thanks to your web site, I don't feel like I'm weird anymore. I feel like I'm another artist who uses fabric for a 'medium', and whose creations are not only beautiful, but useful as well.
Name: Linda Posted: unknown
Hi, My name is Linda. I live in beautiful Lake Arrowhead, CA. and I have a problem...
It all started 12 years ago when I got pregnant with my son. I've always done crafts but I decided to make a quilt for my unborn baby. I started a quilt with instructions from a multi-purpose craft book. The fabrics were too heavy and since I used scissors and cardboard templates my points didn't match. Besides the birth information I embroidered in one of the stars, with pretty variegated floss, faded into the block where the floss was lightest. It may have all ended there but a well meaning friend introduced me to a Rotary cutter. What a trip...this thing was wonderful! I went home and finished that quilt and started another. Which I believe was the last time I made a quilt strictly from the fabrics I had on hand. Since then my addiction has led me to take class after class; just because. Join three quilt guilds (two of which I was one of several founding members) and participate in most of the challenges and round robins. I buy quilting books, fabrics and gadgets at the drop of a hat even though I realize that I may never get around to using them. I started teaching quilting to the ladies in my guild, then in the local quilt shop and now to six wonderful 4th & 5th graders in the after school GATE program. But it doesn't stop there...I have been lucky enough to talk my DH into giving me a weekend at a quilting retreat for my Christmas/birthday present each year for the past five years. When I can, I squeeze some less costly weekends in with other members of my guild to local quilt shows etc. And now my girlfriend & I have started Patchwork in the Pines Quilters Retreats. If you are interested contact me at But I'll warn it can be habit forming!
Name: Linda Posted: unknown
I made my first three quilts in the late 70's when my children were small. I went to work and stopped sewing almost completely. But I never quit buying fabric. A year an a half ago, I bought a quilt pattern book. I just had to make the double wedding ring quilt. It was done in reds, I used every red fabric I had (not my color) I had to go buy more fabric just to finish this quilt. Since then I am a fabriholic and quiltaholic. My DH would roll his eyes ever time I said we have to stop at Joanns. I got sick of this, I told him he was spending too much on cigarettes and liquor and I wanted the same amount each month to spend on my addiction. Well it worked, I spend more now and he can't say a thing. I even bought him a TV that plugs into the cigarette lighter for him to watch while I'm in the fabric stores, what a wife! Some of the fabric stores in the city were going out of business and I happened to be there with a neighbor when the fabric was 70% off and if you bought the whole bolt it was 80% off. I came home with $500 worth of fabric for $57, did I do good? I was in fabric heaven, my neighbor thought I was nuts, but you know I wasn't. Linda
Name: Linda Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Linda and I am a quiltaholic. Not only am I worried about my projects but I also worry about my friends. I try not to let any of my good quilting friends start a new project until they finish the last one they started. I do have a problem, because they all want me to come to there home to help each of them and I am having a hard time finishing my own projects. Is there any answer to my problem?? Happy quilting.
Name: Linda Posted: unknown
Hi I'm Linda..and I'm a Quiltaholic! I have only been quilting for about 5 years so I'm relatively new and inexperienced, but having a great time. I have made only a few large quilts and a few wall hanging sized ones, and several baby quilts. I'm in the process of making my first ever paper piecing quilt and it is going together so very nice. My problem is I can't get the ideas out of my mind for the next quilt before I finish with the last. I think I would like to try a landscape Impressionist wall hanging next, do I dare, looks a little difficult finding all the perfect colors, why not ? I love to find these wonderful little quilt shops on my vacations with the hubby, so far no protests from him on this! Happy Quilting...
Name: Linda Posted: unknown
My name is Linda and I just had to add my story to all the confessions. I am a land title examiner and work with lots of surveyors, one of whom I talked into drafting quilt blocks for me in his CAD program! I made him a Surveyor's (Mariner's) Compass for his office. He's also a fireman at the station which would come to my house if there were ever that awful problem. When he was assigned to Station 3, I said, "Bryan, if I ever have a fire, save my fabric." He looked me right in the eye and said, "Linda, we only have so many firemen!" My quilting buddies and I just came home last night from a whole weekend of non-stop sewing at a Camp sponsored by our local Guild. Next week we are headed for Las Vegas with our DH's in tow . . . we have a scheduled visit to a quilt shop there. I just don't know what I would do without my quilting friends.
Name: Liz Posted: unknown
Hi ! My name is Liz and I am an Aussie quilter - yes quilting is alive and well in Australia. I AM A QUILTAHOLIC!!! I cannot go past a quilt shop without stopping and being persuaded by all those wonderful bolts of fabric to take some home with me. They call to me, plead with me, sing seductive love songs to me and no matter how strong, how firm, how tough I try to be, I melt. My shelves are full of quilt tops just waiting to be finished. They rarely do because along comes another batch of fabric and another pattern and I am trapped once again. Someday I'll catch up, get free, escape this addiction, but meantime I am in its thrall - and I love it!!
Name: Liz M. Posted: August 2006
Hello, My name is Liz and I am a Quiltaholic,Fabricholic & sewing machine_holic! I have been quilting for a few years now and I have no control whatsoever over fabrics and sewing machines. My guest room is so filled with fabrics that you can't even find the bed and dare to open the closet...ughh!! To top it off, my machines are scattered thru our 1850s house. I have 6 treadle machines, 8 hand crank machines(oldest 1896), 4 featherweights, 2 serger machines, 1 embroidery/sewing machine and, of course, my Pfaff. I have approx. $10,000 worth of fabrics (NO JOKE). Whenever I start a project, I HAVE to go out and buy the fabrics!. My friends and family think I am sick, and hubby has already threatened that he will have a garage sale just for quilting. I love all colors and I love to shop for fabrics and sewing machines! PERIOD! I don't know of anyone one else that is as bad as I am. I not only collect the above but also purses. I love the different shapes. Last year I counted how many purses and I counted 357 and more now that it is a new year. Well here is my confession and I am SO PROUD of it!!!
Name: Lori Posted: unknown
First off I am a fabricaholic and a quiltaholic---that's a gimmie---but what I would like to do is confess something I did sixteen years ago. I did not know anything about quilts back then except that it was a blanket. My husband and I were moving across country and his mother was helping us pack-she wrapped some pictures in an old quilt that my husband's grandmother had made. My mother in law said this old blanket will serve as good padding and told me to do what ever I wanted to with it after the move. So after we get settled in our new home I decide to paint all the trim on the outside of the house -- and I used the quit as a drop cloth and threw it away when I was done. After twelve years of quilting and many quilts to my credit I still can't forget that Double Wedding Ring. I have since aquired another one of her quilts and it is handled with kid gloves. I wonder how many wonderful quilt treasures are out there being mishandled because people don't know what they really have. Thank-you for a chance to air my guilt. Lori in Texas
Name: Lori Posted: unknown
Hello. My name is Lori and you guessed it I am a Quiltaholic. I crave quilting like most people crave food and water. I have only been quilting for about 2 years and I love every minute of it. I started quilting when my Grandmother came up north for a visit and I mentioned wanting to learn how to cook and quilt. Well, my wonderful Grandmother gave me a look that I just didn't understand, and then told me tomorrow she would teach me how to quilt. When I asked if she would teach me how to cook also she laughed and said "Just wait until tomorrow and then we will see if you still want to learn how to cook." I still am not a wonderful cook like her, but I really don't care as long as there is take out. My two boy's (ages 4 and 9) are totally brainwashed ! Whenever I take them with me to a fabric store they always point out their favorites. I crave quilting so much that I actually quilted so much I infected the underneath finger (yup I hand quilt) and still refused to stop quilting. (Even when my poor finger swelled to three times it's original size and turned all sort's of funny colors) I hate leaving the fabric store because that means I have to fight my way past all those bolts of fabric that are screaming and trying to jump in my carriage (usually a few manage to sneak in). My DH is very supportive and encourages my habit. He let's me know everytime I finish a quilt that it is the best one I made. My poor boy's don't realize that every time I walk in their room I have visions of the day they move out and my quilting room moves in. Well, all I can say is that I pray there will never be a cure or a 12 step program for this addiction... Now I have a quilt top patiently waiting for me, and blocks ready to be put together waiting by the sewing machine so I am off to get a quick fix.........................
Name: Lucy Posted: unknown
Hi, I'm Lucy and I'm a quiltaholic. I started quilting in 1996 after much discussion with my friend Jamie who kept telling me of the pleasures that quilting could bring. I already had a stash of fabric for clothing. I am married to a biker and have sewn summer dresses from biker handkerchiefs. I thought that nothing could be more fun than that project. Well, I must admit, after I had taken a paper-piecing class in the little country town of Julian, I was hooked. Everyone was so firendly at the class. They brought in fabrics that they were tired of, or just to trade. The fabric pieces were just right for my first project, a log cabin country town wall quilt. Even my waterman would stare at all the different fabrics in my finished wall quiltevery time he delivered water. My daughter, who loves sedate blues and beiges, enjoyed my second quilt that illustrated sewing spools, scissors and a sewing machine with lots of different colored fabrics. She would run her hands over it and say "Mom, I like this one." I rather quilt than watch TV, cook, or many other things. AI even enjoy it better than my Technical Illustrator job. I am now designing patterns, have started to quilt in the Virtual World of EQ4. Jamie hasn't gone there yet. My family is getting involved. We are planning a whole weekend of quilting for the summer. My friend Jamie was right. It is a pleasure and one of God's blessings.
Name: Lynda Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Lynda aka Calicolyn. I am a Quiltaholic, Fabricaholic. I have been sewing for about 20 years, but only quilting for 2 years now. I have made at least 11 Queen size quilts and have sold most of them. I have to get up every day and sew. It is like therapy for me. I used to work at a shipyard making very good money for 10 years, but I was very unhappy, so I quit and started to work at a well-known fabric store. I amd very happy now making $10 less an hour. I love my job. There are not many people out there that can say that. I found out that money isn't everything. As you all know, I don't bring any money home from my job. Of course I spend more than I make. I have so much fabric, my room is too small and it is the biggest room in the house. I sure hope that I live long enough to sew all the quilts that I have...maybe if I stop buying fabric today I will. HA!HA! Quilting has taken over my life like many others, but what a HAPPY person I am! Happy Quilting to all.

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