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Confessions of a Quiltaholic!

Name: Karen Posted: unknown
My name is Karen and I am a quiltaholic. But I thought part of AA and confessing our addiction is the desire to be cured. NO WAY. I'm proud of it, and confess to spreading the addiction. I'm a pusher. My daughter buys fabric, my son buys old clothing, cuts it up and makes bell bottoms to sell, and my daughter-in-law has caught the fever. She just started quilting, and already it's taking over her apartment. When we travel, my beloved just knows at least one day will be taken by fabric stores, quilt shows, or something related. Can't resist a book store that might just have a new book. I bought new luncheon/breakfast dishes with a quilt pattern (Dansk). I knew he understood when he pointed out prints of quilts to hang in the bathroom. And he never complains about the AMEX bill, or the number of times the name of a quilt shop appears on it. On the other hand, I could be addicted to clothing, or shoes, or jewelry. I guess we're pretty lucky; the finished projects, whenever they're done, are not only useful, but beautiful. I too have fabric yell - take me home - and the quilt top has to tell me how it wants to be quilted. Any quilter will understand. And I don't want to be cured.
Name: Karen Posted: unknown
Hello. My name is Karen and I am a quiltaholic. I am from Sydney, Australia and have been quilting now for about a year now. I can't belive that in such a short period of time I have built up such a huge collection of fabrics and block patterns! I have been a cross stitcher for about 10 years, but since taking up quilting I have barely touched my cross stitch needle. My husband and I are buying our first home in the next month or two, so he has volunteered to build me some shelving for all my fabrics! I have found the internet an incredible source of inspiration and would love to get involved in fabric swaps and round robins. Anyway, the boss will be coming shortly, so I had better go now (if only there were less work hours and more quilting hours). Happy stitching!
Name: Karen Posted: January 2005
Hi Friends! My name is Karen, and I too am a proud quiltaholic and fabric-collector. I love this confessions site, and finally feel like I have "found my place". By trade I am a registered nurse and aviation business owner, but my passion is fabric, fabric, and more fabric! I work only to support my habit, and have finally decided to start a sewing/quilting business so I can spread this fantastic, all-consuming disorder to anyone willing to share it with me! I learned to sew when I was little (from a wonderfully talented mother and grandmother) and didn't get involved in quilts until a few years ago. Little did I know that it would turn into something this all-consuming! I bought a bigger house so I could have a dedicated sewing room, and I outgrew it overnight. I am also a perpetual organizer, so I spend much of my time folding and refolding, rearranging shelving, etc. to accommodate my growing stash, and to make room for the next project. I love old quilts (and have a nice collection) but I prefer to design and make more contemporary quilts... colorful and whimsical.... the sillier the better. I am however getting ready to start my first hand-pieced quilt and will use vintage fabrics and a nice old pattern for it. I want a project I can take with me EVERYWHERE I go! I have a 17 year old daughter who's grown up with my sewing fetish, and she recently (finally!) said she wanted to make a quilt (yoohoo!). I was starting to worry she'd never be interested. I am glad I found this site, and all you fellow quiltaholics! Best wishes and happy quilting to all of you!
Name: Karlee Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Karlee, and I'm a quiltaholic. I started my first quilt last January on my son's first birthday, and it still isn't finished...I'm sewing the pieces to gether by hand. I do have a machine, but it wasn't coming out like I wanted it to, so I'm doing it my hand. I'm also working on two pillows (one for mom and one for cousin) that the fronts are quilted. My wonderful family has always known of my craft obsession and I always have more fabric, notions, buttons, thread, floss, glue (and glue guns), paint, paint brushes, things to paint with said paint and brushes, leather, beads of all shapes and sizes, and thingamajigs & whatchamacallits (that can possibl be used in/for craft projects) than the local hobby shop. My aunts and grandmothers save such things, and now my cousins have decided to ban together and not waste clothes. They have learned that I can cut around ink stains, and that no "ugly" shirt sould go wasted...even the buttons are worth something. I have sewn toys, baby clothes, blankets, (now my quilt and quilts to be) all with out the aid of patterns...I like to think that I'm creative, with a very active imagination. Please feel free to email me to talk about quilts, crafts, those pesky relatives that just don't understand that you can get some really great fabric from talking to the local hotel and asking them for their "lost and found"-going-to-be-thrown-away pillowcases, and clothes. I got some BEAUTIFUL champagne colored silk from a hotel lost and found pillow case. Plus its FREE. My email is Thanks for letting me share. :)
Name: Kath Posted: January 2005
My name is Kath and 'quilting fool' is part of my e-mail address. I found that I have at least something in common with each one of the confessions I've read here. Shortly before I discovered the website, I gave my first Toastmasters speech (we have a club at work that meets weekly at lunch time). The first speech one gives as a new member is usually the "Icebreaker" where you talk for about 2 minutes about yourself, or something you enjoy. I started mine "Hello, my name is Kath and I'm a fabri-holic. I ended it by saying that I had "come to the conclusion I have nothing to be ashamed name is Kath and I'm a Fabric Collector (who sometimes makes quilts!)." Thanks everyone for sharing your stories.
Name: Kate Posted: January 2005
My name is Kate and I'm a quiltaholic. I couldn't believe it when I stumbled across your website - there are thousands, perhaps millions of us. I started quilting 10 years ago and haven't looked back. My husband's sainted aunt was a prolific quilter and was the source of my inspiration. She made quilts for family members and for her church fund raisers. I have a 10' x 22' sewing room that my husband dubbed "the doom room". My son cautioned me to be careful when entering, because I could be lost forever. Like most of my sister quiltaholics, I also have a plethera of other craft supplies and a computer that share the space. Even though I've filled every drawer and tub with fabric, I can't stop buying the stuff. I justify my obsession by telling my husband I have to stock up while I'm still working, because after we retire we won't have as much disposable income. By stocking up now, I'll have enough to keep me busy after we retire. Of course, I can't pass up a new notion or tool either, and have doubles or triples of many of the most used items. I'm also hooked on Marti Michel's templates. My friends are careful not to bring up the subject because I go on, and on, 'ad nausium'. I told my friends that when they get news of my demise, get over to my house right away and guard my stuff so my DH doesn't take it to the dump. Yup, I have a problem, but there's no place I'd rather be than in my doom room. It's nice to know there are so many of us.
Name: Kathee Posted: unknown
I laughed my way through all of these confessions. What a blessing it is for me to read that others are just as hooked as I am. Am I a quiltaholic? Recently I donated 1/2 of my wardrobe to the church rummage sale so that I could have the closet space to install shelves to hold more-guess what? fabric!! DH is beginning to wonder if we're married or whether my sewing machine is my main squeeze (hope I'm not forced to choose, he'd lose). Twice a year I visit an Amish community where there are 5 fabric shops. So far, I've not been to any other store (except the bakery). But boy do I have fun in the fabric stores. I've taken tons of classes and not completed the quilts, bought tons of books and subscribed to several magazines. I have 4 projects going at minimum and two 3" binders full of patterns downloaded from the internet. I call it an investment in the future as prices will always go up! Guess that means I'm addicted. Thanks for letting me confess-a heavy burden (NOT!!) has been lifted...Kathee
Name: Kathleen Posted: unknown
My name is ..Kathleen..I am a retired RN...I started quilting when I retired 3 yrs. ago..and like all quilters I have lots of UFO...I am in the process of making a Millennium quilt and using 2000 different fabrics..We just finished cutting all of the 2" squares..between my daughter in law and myself we had over 2000 different fabrics in our stash...My dd-in- law said we would probably win the saying "She who dies with the most fabric wins"..I will have to agree with her...Back to the sewing machine.
Name: Kathy Posted: unknown
Hi, I'm Kathy and I'm addicted to quilting (or maybe I should say block making) as well. I've lived in my home for over 1-1/2 years and still haven't completely unpacked. I'd rather be at my sewing machine. My sewing room is the one room with shelves and pictures. The rest of my house is decorated with fabric. There is fabric in my bathroom sink even. I'm going to try something rather drastic this summer. I'm going on a fabric diet. How will I do it?? Well, if I can, then by eating lots of peanut butter, I may be able to take the summer off to sew and garden. I don't cook, do dishes only when they get too piled up and seldom see a floor that isn't covered with fabric scrapes, Tyvek envelopes, quilt books or magazines. I've taken the plunge, so who's next?
Name: Kathy Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Kathy and I join the rest of you with this problem???? I am over 60 years old and have 9 children/stepchildren and 18 grandchildren/step grandchildren. I have been sewing since I was a little girl, designing my doll clothes. For over 20 years I have had my own home business of doing alterations and custom and home deco sewing. Last year, I retired from my day job of too many years. In preparation, I bought a new fancy computerized sewing machine ( I already owned 5 other ones) and a beautiful set of quilting frames. I started subscribing to the different quilt magazines and was buying templates and of course beautiful, yards and yards of material. Once before in my life, many years ago, I had collected all of these things, and something happened ( I know not what now) and I got rid of it all. So this time I wanted to make sure I was serious. I started putting my fabric into project piles along with the pattern and the backing. I was reusing the shopping bags, but then I couldn't see what it was, so I went to clear plastic boxes. I discovered a lady friend of mine and her sister were both quiltaholics, and whenever we get together, that is all we talk about. Of course they have brag books filled with pictures of the quilts they have made. I have completed one and have a second one in the frame, and three others cut and ready to go. I have more I want to do, but worry, I will not live long enough to do it all. I told the kids to just put it all in my casket cause if you can't quilt in heaven, I'm not going! At least once a week, I am in the fabric stores buying more of those beautiful colors and wonderful feeling fabrics. I am to the point now where I feel my other sewing customers are an intrusion to my quilting. Now why would I blame these perfectly innocent people?? I guess from the several 18 gallon totes of fabric and the 3 foot X 6 foot bookcase of books and magazines I have, I must be one of you. I'm happy to be in such an exclusive club. I know that no outsider will ever break us up, we are more apt to bring them into our circle. Happy quilting everyone.
Name: Kay Posted: unknown
My name is Kay and I'm a quiltaholic. I tried quilting several times over my life but, this time I'm hooked. I've even accomplished bringing it into my classroom so that I can quilt while working !!! I have two children that are growing up quite well on beans because I seem to always go to the fabric store first !!! I pick up old, really old, suitcases at yard sales and use them to store my stash. If there is a fire we can just grap be handles. I love to hand piece and hand quilt. But, you know what I really, really believe that if more women would find the joy of quilting we would see mental stress disorders in women decline. So to all my fellow quiltaholics - "Sew long and prosper."
Name: Kay Posted: unknown
I'm so glad to be a member of QA and not AA. Maybe being a QA helps some of us from becoming an AA. Kay
Name: Kay Posted: unknown
My name is Kay. Quilts, fabric, thread, notions! I dream quilts, colors and feeling fabric and wake up in the middle of the night to write down ideas, lest I forget them! My daughter threatens to get the sign "fabric-holic" to put on my car so that people will understand quick, unexpected turns when I see fabric shops. I've been quilting since 1987 and before that I admired quilts and wished I could make them. Nothing feels as great as that finished project, unless of course it's fabric to make the next..!! My family thought it was nice at first that I was making, they know I have more than a hobby; it's a full grown fetish (an object believed to have magical power). I believe this disease is also daughter now has a case of it, not quite as severe as mine but it's growing every day. As Quilting becomes more prevelant I expect it will grow well into nation-wide proportions. Many will see this for the blessing it is and will simply celebrate National Quilters Day. When they do, I will be able to say, "I was Quilting when Quilting wasn't COOL"!
Name: Kimberley Posted: unknown
Hello, my name is Kimberley, and I'm really just a quilt-top-a-holic, because I've made twelve quilt tops, but never taken the time to find out how to finish them, because I'm off and running to the next project. With three small children, I love quilting because, unlike the cooking, dishes and laundry, once I sew it (presuming I sew it right and don't need to rip it out) it's done and won't have to be done again in a couple of hours. My DH used his "listening ears" and gave me the perfect Xmas gift--a three day quilt retreat, and while I loved it, I couldn't sew for more than 15 minutes at a stretch, because my children have ruined my attention span--I kept expecting an interruption. Nonetheless, I finished yet another quilt top. I belong to two BOM clubs, and not even sick children get in the way of my attendance. I love my kids, but it's the quilting that keeps me sane.

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