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Confessions of a Quiltaholic!

Name: Jan Posted: unknown
I am proud to say I am addicted to quiltmaking. My house is decorated in sewing - antique sewing machines on high shelves, glass lamps that you can fill - one with buttons and one with thread spools. My kitchen has an antique coffee grinder (my mohter gave me) - fill with, you guessed it - buttons! Every blanket in my home was made by me - and they are everywhere. Even my great dane sleeps on a quilt (all too often the quilt I start out sleeping with). I buy fabric on speculation. You would think that someday there would be no fabric and I'm stocking up for the day - oh well, I love scrap quilts and to make one with lots of scraps, you have to buy lots of fabric. I'm not guilty about my addiction. I do finish many of the projects I start, and those which get put asside until "later" give me great joy when they are pulled out again, to be viewed and touched - God, doesn't a quilt top, in any stage, feel great? My quilts make me feel good. They are beautiful, personal, comfy, warm and wonderful - like me. This I know wothout someone telling me. My mother taught me to quilt. When I started, I used child-like colors, (I was only 13, and yellow was my favorite) very different from the warm country tones my mother used. She just loved putty and reds. (I hated red) Somewhere over the past 25 years, I have turned into my mother - red has found it's way into all my quilts and I love it. Quilting is good......Jan
Name: Jamie Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Jamie and I am a Quiltaholic. I have now been quilting for three years, since I was 13. Before my quilting craze started I was a three time State Fair winner in Crocheting and knitting, do you how long it has been since I crocheted or knitted. I don't even remember. I just love to quilt. I would rather quilt than eat. My parents liek the products, but hate the mess. I simply tell them that a creative mess is better than tidy idleness. I too have got a job to buy fabric, books, I too have found out about eBay. I too must ask them to send them in brown paper bags. One day I asked my mother, Will I be a quilter, well I sew and this is what she said, Que Sera, Sera, What ever will be will be the furture is not ours to see, Que Sera, Sera
Name: Juanita Posted: unknown
Hi, My name is Juanita and I am definitely a Quiltaholic, and even suffer from withdrawal when I don't have something quilty around me. I have searched my mother's house (a 3 story house that used to be a duplex) for any fabric that she might have left when she passed away 3 years ago. We will be going home at Christmas and I will be in search of yet more fabric that I am convinced that she hid from everybody. I even talked my dad out of one of my mothers many sewing machines. I have a tall 2 door cabinet full of my quilting stuff and a 4 drawer chest full of quilting tools. I have several bags that have quilting projects in them so no matter what bag I take, I have something to work on. I even took my quilting with me on a cub scout family campout last weekend (which proved to be a smart deal as I was able to cover up with my project while I worked on it, and it got cold at night) . I am definitely a Quiltaholic and a fabricholic.
Name: Jean Posted: unknown
Hello! I'm Jean, the mother of Cindy. You will be hearing from her shortly if she can tear herself away from her machine. I am a quiltaholic and the mother of a quiltaholic. Try that on for size. What a joy it is to have a partner in fabricrime. We both have stashes that won't quit. Our phone conversations are about--well, you know what. And we mail swatches back and forth to each other for consultation. She has just started in a home business. I'm retired and plan to quit my technical editing business because I want, no need, to get back to the machine and the rocking chair (for hand quilting, of course--not because I have reached THAT stage). Never did I dream that Cindy would love sewing as much as I. My confession is this: My husband and I took our first trip throughout Europe and into Turkey during September. Several times I suffered from "fabricitis" and had to find a store. We took the Underground throughout London and walked all over to find one place. In another, Amsterdam, people on the tour with us said, "Oh Jean, we found a store for you," and gave us directions to get there. I picked up some beautiful fat quarters that are copies of prints from a museum. As soon as my Christmas projects are done, Dresden Plate twin quilts are on the way. My daughter has already asked for them in my will!! Upon our return to the USA, Cindy wanted to take me to her favorite fabric store. George threw up his hands and said, "We'll stay another day. I can't fight two of you, I won't even try!" He knows that I have to drive almost 1-1/2 hours to a fabric store from my home in northern Vermont.
Name: Jean S. Posted: August 2006
Hi! My name is Jean S. and I live in El Centro, CA. I must confess that I have always been a fabriholic, even before I became a quilter. I began sewing when I was 6 years old (my mother taught me to use the machine just so I wouldn't run over my fingers while messing around with it - I wouldn't stay away!) and a year later I got my first machine. I started with sewing for my dolls and that progressed to sewing for myself, which progressed to sewing for others. My senior year at high school I made 18 formals for my choir and since then have done many weddings and such. I still have fabrics from most of those projects (great for Barbie clothes). When I was 30 I met my birth mother for the first time and she introduced me to quilting. For the past 12 years my stash has grown so large that I am now looking outside of the converted 2 car garage that is my sewing room for more storage space. I have many boxes of completed tops waiting for me to put on the rack and machine quilt, plus a couple waiting for the hand quilting frame. When we moved down here to El Centro it took 1/4 of a 30' truck just for the stuff from my 10'x10' sewing room! I was quite upset because the nearest fabric was at Walmart and then it was 85 miles to the next one! Needless to say, I have developed a strategy for going out to the quilt shop. I make my husband choose the next top from a great number of books, and then tell him "I'd love to do that quilt, I just need to get a good background fabric and a border fabric." He always asks why I don't just use what I have and I just tell him that I don't have any one piece of fabric large enough for those. Of coarse I always come home with other fabrics that will "work great" with what I have. Now we are in the market for a new house and we both have requirements: He wants a game room and I want a guest house for my fabric!! So far he's agreed with me as long as I put in an intercom and phone line so he can check on me once in a while. I can't complain that my husband doesn't understand, but I sure got a keeper!!! Now I think I'll go quilt the top I made for our full size bed (we have a king size now, with a quilt already finished for it) so I can sell it and get one more UFO done to make room for more fabric!! Have a quilty day!!!!!
Name: Jenny Posted: unknown
My name is Jenny. About 8 years ago I decide to do a course in advanced needlecraft at out local technical college. I loved the first semester, but for the second semester I was the only one who voted against doing patchwork. I did not like it at all. My lonely NO vote did not count and I had to learn patchwork, whether I liked it or not...Guess who is hooked on patchwork? I have completed about 20 quilts...some handmade and some machined. The walls of my sewing room are bulging with material, but I cannot walk past a quilt shop without buying that special piece of material I need. It is a shame to disturb my stash. You just don't do that. I am sure I am a Quiltaholic, but I do not want to be rehabilitated.
Name: Jeri Posted: unknown
AH HA!! I Knew I was not alone in this wonderful obession!! My DH was reading over my shoulder all of the confessions, laughing and giving me a neck rub at the same time :) Heisi also a keeper who will willingly go to the fabric store with me so I have some place to stack MY bolts of fabric. And then he even pays for it with a smile. I have been quilting for the past eleven years but have just recently gotten serious about it since the kids are now all grown and out on thier own. Yup, their bedroom is now my sewing room and it is already too small :( Since we are planning to move, we were looking at a house with seven bedrooms. The DH said "I know, I can take out one of the walls between two of the bedrooms and make you a GIANT sewing room." What a keeper!!! Jeri
Name: Jinene Posted: unknown
I've never found...a quilting store or a cooking store that I didn't like. HOWEVER, quilting stores contain fewer carbohydrates ! BUT, does that explain the fact that everytime my guild has a mystery quilt or a class that we stuff our faces ! So many quilts ; so many carbs ! Jinene
Name: Joan Posted: unknown
Looks like the J's win and i am adding another one. I am Joan (pronounced Joann)... I am new to quilting but not to sewing or collecting fabrics and STUFF for crafts. I can't live long enough to finish all the projects I have in my head just in quilting and cross stitch!!!!!!!! I can see any saying in cross stitch or with a quilted border around it or a cross stitched quilted border----you get the idea.
Name: Joan Posted: unknown
My name is Joan and I am a Quiltaholic-in-training. I confess that I love fabric, adore reading all the books and magazines I can get my hands on and have yet to complete a project! I blame this all on an addictive personality. I have stayed away from drink, drugs and smoking because of this. (Well, maybe not the drink!) My friend says my addiction is cheaper than therapy! Whatever! Anyway, I look forward to many happy hours of planning, shopping and, could it be! actually finishing a project. So many fabric shops, so little time.
Name: Joan Posted: April 2004
Hi, my name is Joan, pronounced JoAnn, also. I have been sewing since I was 13 and made a jumper in Home Ec. I have sewed clothes for myself and my children and now I am sewing clothes for my grandchildren. I also have done ALL the crafts (embroidery, crochet, one and two shuttle tatting, beaded and plain counted cross stitch, macreme, as well as hot glue projects). I have been interested in quilting for several years, (collecting books, patterns, and all the fabric and quilt tools that I can get my hands on), I finally took several quilt classes and now have a wall hanging called "Lit Lanterns" started and also a quilt called "Flannel Tessellations" and a sampler. Haven't been able to get any of them finished though. I am loving my intro to quilting! I would rather dream of the fabric combinations that I can put together to form another quilt.
Name: JoAnna Posted: unknown
I've been a quiltaholic for a long time and didn't even know it. When on trips with my family they have invented a game to distract me if we are in the area of a fabric shop. Woe oh woe is me. Now that a name has been put on my ailment I won't think I'm going crazy when I wake myself up shouting "Don't put the Ohio Star next to the appliqued tulip." I'm afraid there is no cure but I think an afternoon spent cuddled up with a quilt in progress may aleviate the symptoms for a few hours...JoAnna
Name: Judi Posted: unknown
Hi My name is Judi, I too am a Quilt-Fabriholic. My original fascination was with handquilted Whole Cloth Quilts and only took a beginners quilting course to have something to stitch on. I truly thought anyone who would waste their time cutting up perfectly good fabric just to sew it back up again needed serious help. "Thou shalt not judge another" at least till you've walked a mile in their shoes. Well I walked a mile in that first quilting course and have been hooked ever since. I can't describe the magic that happens as you see the blocks grow and the resulting quilt is never exactly what you expected and always better than you'd hoped. And I've never passed a fabric store that didn't draw me in nor seldom a fabric that didn't need to come join my stash. Now I'm on the net and the dust bunnies can wait. So many patterns, so many fabrics, so little time. Happy Quilting!
Name: Judi C. Posted: unknown
Hi..My name is Judi C. from Wisconsin and I can't believe I've become so obsessed with quilting in such a short time. I've only been quilting for one year, but am ready to quit my "2 day a week job" so I can have more time in my sewing room. I ABSOLUTELY have an addiction to fabrics, books, notions, etc. and now I bought a computer and am finding all these quilting sites and so much information on quilting!!! Just wish I would have started this years ago!
Name: Judi C. Posted: unknown
Okay, you know I have a problem or I wouldn't be writing this! My name is Judi C. and I started quilting about 18 years ago, and this was B.C. (before "rotary" cutters) and before quilt fabrics were so varied and plentiful. But alas, I had to put my addiction on hold for about 10 years to raise our two kids past their teenage years. You know, teenagers are harder to get to turn out right than the elusive "squared up quilt?" Well, they turned out pretty good despite that and they have both left home, and I picked up the needle and thread again about three years ago and find it really hard to put back down! I even took a job working at home doing medical transcription to have more time and money to pursue my all-consuming hobby manipulating fabric. Work on a production basis and know that the harder I push to produce the more fabric I can buy! Now that I don't have to leave the house in anything more than shorts and a tee-shirt, I can spend more money on quilt fabrics, books, notions, and classes (like I don't have any of that stuff breaking down the walls in my "sewing/work-room" now)! I spend so much time at our local fabric store that my husband has renamed the store "Judi's World." He swears I have my own designated parking place in front of the store!Occasionally, he will ask about a seemingly new sack of fabric waiting to find its home in the sewing/work-room (I do my transcription in the smallest area of that room and it just seems to get more cramped every day; I wonder why?) and I usually just explain to him that I have had that fabric for "a while;" I just don't say how long of "a while" it is. I tell everyone he usually lets me have all the fabric he doesn't know about! I sure am glad he doesn't ask me why I am always broke, especially since being home most of the time I don't spend money on much of anything (besides quilting, of course!). It seems that the more I quilt the more I find to make. I blame my pile of quilts that need to be made mostly on all those people I am acquainted with that have/having babies because if they would just stop having them I wouldn't feel so compelled to make each baby a quilt. It has nothing to do with the fact that I am totally addicted to the "joy fix" I get when someone receives a quilt made for them or their baby. Receiving a quilt as a gift is almost always appreciated much more than I can describe and I always have such a sense of pride and satisfaction when giving one. Most nonquilters are in awe of quilters and what we do. I think that the idea that this is a "sickness" is a little backwards, because I can be feeling pretty down or a little under the weather and I can do just about any part of the process of quilting (i.e., shopping for fabric or notions, cutting, piecing, quilting, etc....) and I will almost always feel better very quickly! It cures me of what ails me! If I were a doctor I would prescribe quilting for all of my patients! Never mind the side effects (not enough space, money or time), they are only a minor nuisance compared to the "high you get from it." Well, heck, maybe it is an addiction after all...........
Name: Judie Posted: unknown
My name is Judie. I too am addicted to quilting. Four years ago I got a job and went to work in order to support my habit. I am sad to say I don't have as much time for my habit but I am stocking up for when I can quit my job and stay home. (Some excuse huh?) For the last two years my friend who is a quilting teacher and a bus-load of quilters from MASS/RI/CONN and I have gone on a trip in April to Lancaster,PA to a wonderful quilt show. It was 3 glorious days with about 50 fabricholics!! No husbands or interferrence! We visited Amish farms with fabric stores in their basements and barns in addition to TONS of vendors at the quilt show. It was heaven!! aaahhhhhhhh!! I have plenty of fabric, patterns, books, kits, etc. for those retirement years. Last year my daughter moved into her own apartment. It took 1 day for me to move in and take over her room. Now I am on the edge of my seat waiting for my son to move out (he has a bigger room and bigger closet). Is that bad or what? Really, I do love my children......but I can use the extra rooms!!
Name: Judy Posted: unknown
Hi my name is Judy and I am a quiltaholic. My husband has put me on a monthly budget BECAUSE I was buying "too much" fabric. I am looking for a studio away from home to find some motivation to finish more things, give lessons and maybe have more money to buy more fabric to make more quilts, and buy more quilt get the picture! I am glad to know I am not alone and as crazy as my family thought!
Name: Judy H. Posted: unknown
I have been a sewer and quilter all of my life started at the age of 6 sewing with my mother and then on to 4-H projects. I am 55, closed my fabric shop 2 years ago because of Walmart and am so happy to be home quilting and sewing my little heart out. I have been on the internet for sometime and all my girlfriends told me to never never type in Well one day about 3 months ago I did. It brought up 85 sites.... Needless to say, I can cook, sew, do laundry, watch tv and run this computer practically at the same time. We are headed south for a couple of months Jan and Feb. I am suppose to be getting things ready for the RV but all I am worried about is the amount of fabric I can stash in different compartment for the trip. I would hate to run out of a project to do in the evening. I have made blankets and pajamas for the entire family and 30 years. Quilts are the best gifts. Pretty, scrappers, or polyesters, they all will be around for many many years. I usually only give them to the ones that I know will at least keep them off the floor. I never give a wedding quilt until the first anniversary. I send a card telling them it is coming, sometimes I let them pick the colors, They seem to appreciate a quilt after having company and not much in the way of covers. When its done I call them up and usually they are over in 24 hours. I guess its my legacy I am going to leave behind. I want everyone I ever made a quilt for to bring them to my funeral and display them around the pallor. I put sheets on the back of all my quilts. I travel quit a bit and the first thing I want to do is get to a phone book and look up all the goodwill's, salvation stores etc. My husband thinks I am crazy, I only buy percale top flat sheets. I will buy a small print, prefer solids in all colors all sizes, usually they are around $2.00 ea. I never pay over $4.00 for a sheet. I have bought them brand new still in the package for $3.00 ea. If its not big enough for my project I simply border it on out with prints from the front fabric. EVERYONE comments on the backing. I have a professional quilt machine left over from my store I brought home and set up in the garage and the sheets are just wonderful. So to all the ladies, and some guys, keep on sewing no matter what you are making, I can make a log cabin in 15 minute intervals while I am waiting for him if I have to. Judy H. in Washington
Name: Julie Posted: unknown
I have been a frequent fabric store fan. I go to the fabric store to feel better...if I feel down I buy fabric just because I love it and it may be needed someday soon. I am working on giving quillows to all my family members. I love my internet quilt swap...I live for the squishy to arrive. I think that I could sit and sew and rotary cut and search through books for new patterns forever except my kids tell me I need to join the real world for awhile. I decorate with all my pieced squares and now I have been able to move all my quilt stuff to a 26' trailer. I am happy to have my own sewing room finally. I have filled it up...I will sew forever...Julie

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