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Confessions of a Quiltaholic!

Name: Ildika Posted: unknown
My name is Ildika, my husband is in the Army so we move from duty station to duty station every two years! Moving to Washington state has been a delight. The house we live in has a couple of extra rooms. I claimed the largest extra room for my sewing/quilting room, the smaller extra room is my husband's office/computer room. I consider myself a quiltaholic since I realized I need more space for my large collection of fabrics. I have fabs that go back many years, they are too pretty to cut up. Don't know when or if I'll ever use them. Also, I saw the strained look on the movers faces when they carried the large Rubbermaid tubs out of the moving van and into the quilting room upstairs. I realized at that moment that I have too much fabric. I purchase books and magazines in hopes to complete one of the projects inside them. I actually have been pretty good about that. I have accomplished much quilting and spend a lot of time in my sewing room. I never display a fab/book or magazine purchase to my husband. I know that he wouldn't complain, but he would much rather see the finished project in my hand. At the moment I'm involved in doing a round robin, row by row. There are seven participants and they live in Alaska, Connecticut, North Carolina, Kentucky and Washington. I also have about 20 different projects going at the moment. I'm addicted to quilting and enjoy it over any television show! Keep on quilting...
Name: Isabel Posted: unknown
Hi my name is Isabel and I am a quiltaholic, and a quilt computer junkie. You ask what that is well. I found on the computer all these get patterns and mystery quilts. I go to my stash if not enough fabric I am at the fabric store the next morning. I only started quilting last March. but I was a sewer and never threw a scrap of material away. I guess it was always there I would be a quilter. I live with my son and he learned very quickly his bedroom was the only room not hit with fabric was it because he kept the door locked, I wonder. So he bought a new house, he said his first priorty was to build me a work room for me and my material and I was banished there, could heaven ever be so sweet. So now I can stay up all hours and bother no one. I have learned very quickly though the old legs need exercise, so the house also has a pool so I do an hour. a day in the pool. I retired two years ago, and this has been the best year in many a year. While at a book store I met a great lady she is a quilting teacher so I was blessed twice in one year. I go to class once a week, more if I get stuck she is the best. So to all you teachers out there thanks and a special thanks to Jackie. Happy quilting to all.

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