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Confessions of a Quiltaholic!

Name: Gee Posted: April 2004
My name is Gee and I'm proud to say I'm a quiltaholic. The kids are grown and I have a large home just waiting to be filled with fabrics, notions and books! My kind hubby renovated a room for my quilting last year and it is my pride and joy, the closet is large enough to hold twin bed and a dresser (don't doesn't), it is loaded with books and fabric. He installed a large countertop just the right height for cutting with cabinets underneath for storage. My ironing board can now be set up all the time and of course I had to go out and buy the BIG one so I can easily iron YARDAGE!! He pitches in with housework and cooking so I can be free to persue my passion and makes sure I want for it any wonder I've been happily married for 27 years? Of course...he's blessed to be married to one of "US".
Name: Germaine Posted: unknown
Hi everyone. I thought I was alone. You guys are scary. I have been a sewer most of my life. I've made just about everything you can imagine, including a fishing vest using my husband's friend's as a pattern. Lately my need for a wardrobe for myself and my children is almost non-existent. For some reason I have been gravitating towards quilts. I have, in the past, made a few, but each on seemed to be not as good as the next one. Does that make sense? I mean that I felt I could do the next one even better. I guess that got me hooked. I'm notorious for starting things and not finishing, so I'm a little hesitant to start a big project. I feel like a bit of a novice even thought the baby quilts I've made so far are pretty decent. This does feel like and addiction. If I give in, I know I'll be hopelessly, helplessly addictied. I've so far satisfied my initial cravings by buying quilting books and even subscribing to a quilt magazine, but lately it hasn't been enough. I keep telling myself that when I organize my sewing room I can start that on of a kind quilt. My daughter recently moved out, but left a lot of stuff behind. I'm presently packing it up. I'm really excited about having an absolutely empty room to stash my stuff. I have visions of the perfect room. Anyway, it was nice to see that there are so many others who are as addicted as I am, even though I've just started. Will visit this site often to keep up to date...Germaine
Name: Ginny Posted: unknown
Hi! My name is Ginny and I'm on my way to becoming a quiltaholic. About 6 years ago I started buying books, mags, etc. on quilting along with enough material to open up my own shop. I knew that one day I would learn to quilt. Well that day arrived in May of this year, and I've been taking lessons on a weekly basis. Needless to say I'm hooked! I no longer just "purchase" fabric; I inhale it, touch it, and drool at the prospect of it becoming a piece of art. My craft room runneth over with fabric, fabric, fabric!!
Name: Glenys Posted: April 2004
I go by the name of icemaiden316 in the forum, my real name is Glenys. I live in Wales, UK. I've heard about quilting for years. My Mum used to do Quilt as you go, when she was young. I have bits of material hanging around that my daughter used to try quilting, but she lost interest. Then for some reason I decided to try Quilting. Don't ask me why I thought of this, because I just don't have a clue. I already make Jewelry. Mostly for friends and family. I don't sell a lot. But, I am going to attempt, no not attempt, I AM going to give up smoking. So hopefully the Quilting will help to keep me occupied until it's time to come online.
Name: Gloria Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Gloria and I am a quiltaholic. I started quilting when I was five. It was my job to sit under the frame and push the needle back up while my Mom and her friends quilted on a large floor frame. The first quilts that I did on my own were for my dolls...I still have one of them. That was many years ago. Several years ago I had an accident at work and injured both hands. I was unable to quilt or seww or much of anything, but the desire to create was so incredibly stron that I continued to buy patterns and fabric so that I could quilt again one day. My family says I should open a shop and sell some of my fabric. Thanks to quilting, I'm beginning to recover. I just finished 2 wall quilts. They were both done by machine, and I am just as thrilled with them as I was with the hand quilted ones I did for years. I feel like yelling "watch out everybody, I'm coming back".
Name: Grace Posted: April 2004
Hello, my name is Grace and I am definitely a quiltaholic! (Or as my husband likes to call me, a "quilta-maniac"). I only began a few years ago, and my first quilt was soooo bad. I knew absolutely nothing about fabric, templates, rotary cutters batting, etc. The only person who quilts in my family is my great-aunt who lives on the other side of the country! So for my very first project, I went to Jo-Anne's fabrics and picked out all sorts of fabric and cut it up into 2 and 1/2-inch squares with an old pair of my mother's scissors, then just started sewing them together in some strange fashion. 1/4-inch seam allowance? Forget about it! I put the quilt down, half finished, for about a year, but then after my husband proposed to me, I dragged it back out to finish as a wedding present for him. At this point, I finally started actually reading magazines and books, and learned the basic quiltmaking process. Well, I finished the first monstrosity, which my husband absolutely loves, and from that day forward I was hooked. My stash moved from a shoebox to the myriad drawers and shelves my husband has built for that very purpose. We live in a *tiny* one bedroom apartment, so my hubby converted our living room into a sewing room! He built a cutting table, sewing table, and many, many drawers to hold my stash, notions, and 3 sewing machines. What a guy! I'm a nursing student, but took this past semester off, so I had months and months to just sew, sew, sew! It's been wonderful. My hubby is great about my addiction. He comes fabric shopping with me, looks at all the patterns I ooh and ahh over, and even goes on covert missions to the fabric store to surprise me with more fabric every now and then! I consider myself VERY lucky to have someone that supports me so much in my habit. He has actually started making a quilt himself, made of flannel, using large drunkard's path blocks. He's afraid of my sewing machine though, so he's doing it all by hand. The quilt is to be for me, and the main fabric is a print of Diet Coke, my other great addiction. It's so cute! I've only made about 7 quilts so far, but my stash is overflowing! I love to just touch and drool over my beautiful fabric, rearrange it, drape it over a chair and stare at it, wash it, iron it, the whole bit. My piecing could use improvement, but I love the process so much, I don't really care! I love to hand-quilt and my stitches have gotten very small and even. I'm a better quilter than piecer, but you can't quilt til you piece, can you? One of these days, my husband says he will build me my very own sewing room. Oh joy, oh bliss, oh rapture! I hope I'm never cured of this wonderful disease!
Name: Gypsy Posted: unknown
Hi, My name is Gypsy (Judi)...I too am an fabric-oholic. Since I have traveled/lived all over the world (and thus the nickname "Gypsy"), my fabric is well traveled too, LOL. I have been sewing since I was a very young girl, probably about the time I started school actually (am now 55). So some of you youngun's have a lot of catching up to do if you are going to catch up with my stash, LOL. I used to work in a fabric store - YIKES! Never brought home any money so finally had to pick something that would pay me enough to feed my habit, LOL. Work as a paralegal - and all my trips to courthouses and old buildings inspire me for new blocks. It is amazing how many "patterns" can be found on the floors and walls. I got a EQ4 quilt program when it came out this year so now I have somewhere to store all my ideas and experiment with layouts before I whack at real fabric. Wherever I go I take along a hand project of which I have several and, of course, must go into at least one fabric store too. I love to scrounge flea markets and "junk" stores for that unusual item - handkies, sheets, old/new fabric, neck ties. Hope to get some of my UFO (unfinished objects) completed in 2000. Wish me luck, LOL.

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