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Confessions of a Quiltaholic!

Name: Deb Posted: unknown
Hi!! I'm Deb and I'm another quiltaholic. Two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer, and was urged to find a "life project" that would keep me focused on living rather than the treatments, and I decided to get back into quilting. There's no stopping me now! When I had no strength, I searched my books and planned and designed. I decided on an Irish Chain pattern to make a Queen Sized bed spread, got the fabric, got the machine tuned up, and got to work. I wish I had more time to shut out the world and sew, but things keep getting in the way. (How could my husband want clean clothes???) The life project quilt top is about half way done with machine piecing, and I'm doing great healthwise. Soon it will be time to start making Christmas gifts, which will just have to center on quilt blocks.... aprons, canvas shopping bags, wall hangings, pillows, t-shirrts, sweatshirts, and anything else I can decorate. One real bonus to my life project was uncovering a portfolio my grandmother made filled with newspaper clippings from the 20's and 30's --- all quilt patterns! A quick tip to share: if your local copy shop laminates things, ask them for scraps from the lamination process. They are flexible plastic, easy to cut, and trace around for pattern pieces. A little double stick tape, or loop of masking tape, and the pattern piece can be used and moved with ease.
Name: Deb G. Posted: April 2004
I'm Deb from Minnesota and I never thought I'd be confessing to being a quilt and fabricaholic but here I am. I guess I'm an internetaholic as well because I have more quilting websites bookmarked than any others. I began quilting a little over 3 years ago but I've been sewing since I was 9 years old. I would get fabric from my Mom's stash , it was more like a huge box of fabric, but it made my eyes glaze over each time I went to look for a piece of fabric for a new jumper or blouse. We lived on a farm and you just didn't run to town to look for fabric. The closest town had a small clothing store and in the back they had bolts of fabric on the shelves. That was my first experience with fabric gazing. And now I have my own stash of fabric and 3 sewing machines. We live in a mobile home and my biggest problem is that I don't have much room for cutting and quilting, but somehow I manage. Now as an adult, my eyes glaze over when I walk into any fabric shop. As I walk down the aisles of fabric, a bolt almost always reaches out to grab me, and when it does, I have to touch it and caress it. It's like I've been hypnotized, I can't put it down until it gets to the cutting table. I only have a couple of the large Rubbermaid storage containers filled with fabric but soon I will have to have another and yet another and then I will be able to sort my fab by color. I'm sure that will impress my husband, who can't understand why I would want so much fabric when he is convinced that I will never be able to use it all. But, he is a sweet man and he knows that my fabric purchases are a lot less expensive then the cost of counseling to try to free me of my obsession. He is my biggest fan each time I get a quilt completed, and it does occasionally happen. I've started a quilt top for each of my 3 sisters and one of my nieces. I still have a daughter, 2 more nieces, 3 nephews and a friend who are on my list, and of course my dear ol' Mom who got me started. Happy quilting, Deb G.....
Name: Deb S. Posted: August 2006
My name is Deb S. and I too am a quiltaholic. Upon my husband's suggestion, our spare bedroom has now become my sewing room, oops excuse me, I meant my studio (sounds much better, don't you think?). Of course, being the smallest bedroom means that I am bursting at the seams and all this fabric (and notions, books, patterns) keeps following me home and I'm running out of room fast. Now my new "family members" have started taking over the hall closet. I think they might take over my bedroom next since it is right next door to the studio. Less travel time to visit the other relatives you know. I've already told my 14 year old son that I'll be taking over his bedroom when he leaves for college. He did fight me on that so I relented and told I would wait until he actually graduated from college. But he has two weeks after he graduates and then his room is mine! Fortunately, my hubby is very understanding about my obsession. Hey it works out well, I quilt for hours and he plays Halo2 (xbox for those that don't know) over the Internet for hours so it is a win win situation. And he even has good suggestions when I ask for an opinion on color choices as I am planning a quilt. The only problem is that this working full time thing really imposes on my quilt time. Happy quilting to all!
Name: Debra Posted: unknown
Being a quiltaholic is not so bad. I refuse to prevent further contamination. I teach classes and pass the disease on with zest. I saw a picture in a magazine, copied it and gave it to my friendly quilt shop owner. It's a picture of a farmer talking to a friend. In the background are two large silos. "Grain," says the farmer, "Heck no, that's my wife's fabric!" I can relate. I am eagerly awaiting my second daughter's departure for college in a year. Perhaps I'll be able to move some fabric into her room. My son's bedroom is also my sewing room. He keeps telling me "It's my room, too," each time I bring home a new bag of fabric. There is a flip side to this. He is becoming a quilter also. At age 10, he recently completed his first quilt of John Deere fabrics. The disease spreads! ... Debra
Name: Debra Posted: unknown
My name is Debra and I'm a Quiltaholic. There I said it. It's true. I have to have every Quilt magazine, book, video, and gadget I can get my hands on. It took over my life nine years ago and I don't see an end to it, Thank God! I have gotten better though. I don't buy fabric everytime I go into Walmart. I already have everything in the way of fabrics and gadgets that they sell. I need a new fix, but don't get to the city very often. I drive people crazy that I work with, because I'm either talking quilting or my newest addiction "computers". My husband regrets getting the computer because I am constantly on it looking up quilting sites and printing off patterns. I have so many UFO's I'll never finish them all. There's not enough time in the day. I guess I will leave them to my daughters when I die. They're 9 and 12 years old right now. They haven't caught the disease as bad as I have yet. They aren't compelled to buy fabric yet, they just get it out of my huge stash when they want to make a quilt. Their day will come. Addictions are inherited!
Name: Debra Posted: unknown
There must be something about the name Debra (Deb) because I am also a quiltaholic. There is no fabric shop within a 100 mile radius that I have not visited and walked out of with atleast a yard of fabric. I have taken over half of the basement with sewing machines (3 to be exact including a treadle machine), shelves with numerous plastic containers filled with fabric, and a cupboard with fabric and quilting gadgets. I have purchased a large cutting table from a fabric store that went out of business. I have a lovely quilting frame that my husband built for me. I have tons of projects in my head and several actually started. I can spend hours arranging and rearranging fabric for a future quilt. My only reget is that I do not have enough time to do all I want to do.
Name: Denise Posted: unknown
Hello, my name is Denise and I am a quiltaholic. I know I must be as I have so many quilts lined up to do that I will never get it all done. I have a whole cabinet full of material that had bought for clothes patterns and 2 dresses sitting waiting for me to sew them up, and I am wondering what to do with all this non-quilt related fabric and patterns. All I want is my sewing machine, my computer and my fabric surrounding me. I try and cook so it does not cut into my sewing time, with 9 of us here this is difficult, but I am learning how. I clean like mad on Mondays so the rest of the week I can sew and not feel any guilt knowing I have completed my domestic obligations for the week.
Name: Denise Posted: unknown
Hi my name is Denise and I am a Quiltaholic. I must confess...I learnd to quilt from my granny at twelve and I am in my 30's now and second marriage. I have been accumulating fabrics since 12yrs of age so I have quiet a stash!! In fact when I left my first hubby all I took was my sewing machine and my fab!!!!!!!!!! No Joke!!!!!!!!!!! I have gotten my first Bernina credit some of you might not know this is avaialable but it is at your quilting stores that sell Bernina machines.. Well dopey them gave me a hugh I am not even close to it. I would be scared if I was but my confession is my hubby thinks I have cut it up and closed it...NOT is hid away and I only take it out to go to my local store every two weeks...SHAME on ME!...but its my only way I can buy fab and not get in trouble and he never knows I bought due to the fact I have so much fab it disappers in the stash piles... And lucky for me I am the finance person at home he never looks at the bills!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Stitching
Name: Denise S. Posted: unknown
I am new to quilting but already an addict. I am currently working on a crazy quilt. I have also got a few blocks done for a sampler quilt. I already have the fabric for a third quilt. I have a drawer full of books. Do I need serious help yet? Denise S.
Name: Dennise Posted: unknown
Hi, I'm Dennise (yes, with two "n"s in my name)
I'm a quiltaholic. It started almost 25 years ago when I met and married my husband. His mother quilted--by hand. She's the cause of it all. She showed me quilts from yesteryear and started the quilting juices flowing in me.
I'm the sewing machine quilteraholic. I started out buying the inexpensive fabric at places like Ames, Zayre's, and Wal Mart--you know the stuff--I kept my stash small. But before I knew it, I outgrew it--graduated to real quilting stores with real quilter fabric--you know the kind: Hoffman, RJR, Moda, and the like--$7, $8, $9 and $10 a yard. So many quilt tops and only one of me.
I work part time in a quilting store to try to ease the financial burden--but money be darned--I've got to have the fabric no matter what! I work for fabric--my charge account at the store hasn't been in the plus column since the first month I started working there. Sometimes we even get 40% off, yet I'm still in the red.
You may have seen me in your store--maybe you don't know exactly who I am, but I've been in there--many, many times. I'm the one who says: "No not one yard, I meant three, yeah that's it three yards."
Now, dear husband is adding on to the house a sewing room for me. I'm very confused and afraid that the new room will already be too small. I've stayed awake nights worrying about it and have come to the realization that I'm smart enough to know that where there's one room for quilting, there also can be another one added on later--this has helped some.
And one more thing, we upgraded our computer--I've learned Internet, I've found quilting sites, and I've ordered fabric on-line--not just once, many times. Is it wrong to ask them to mail my fabric to me in a plain brown wrapper?
Name: Diane Posted: unknown
I have so many confessions that I don't quite know where to start. I am an avid quilter who is often misunderstood. I am the only quilter in my family and aside from the new friends I've made through my local quilt shop, the only quilter in my circle of friends. Try as they may, my family does not quite understand the thrill that I get from the different textures and colours of my fabrics.
My husband has been extremely indulgent and is quite understanding when he is asked to pick up some of the slack at home so that I can quilt for a few hours every evening. However, I have a feeling he would be slightly less understanding if he knew my little secret. You see, we are a young couple with a daughter who is nearing her second birthday and the time is approaching where a decision must be made about expanding our little family. I think that he is concerned that my objections centre around the fact that I work full-time outside of the home and that another child might be too much for me. Not so, I feel that I have more than enough energy and love to share with an additional child....My real objection is giving up my sewing room. It is a beautiful, sunny room (perfect for a nursery - you see my problem) that has plenty of storage and display space for my embarrassingly large assortment of fabrics. My husband has generously offered to turn his study into a computer/hobby room, but it just won't be the same. Oh well, on the positive side, I'm thinking of compensating for the loss of my sewing room by going for a new World Record - Most Baby Quilts Made By A Mother In a Nine Month Period !...Diane in Montreal, Quebec
Name: Dori Posted: unknown
My name is Dori and I, too, am a quiltaholic (or is it fabri-holic?). Either way my DH is threatening to enroll me in the Betty Ford Clinic for Stash Collectors. I can't pass the Walmart fabric center without "stopping in" to visit and leaving with $50 worth of purples, greens, oranges and florals in a big blue bag. But my biggest addiction is the fabric auction on eBay. I discovered it a month ago and my fabric collection has now outgrown my bedroom closet, my cedar chest and flowed over into (5) 18-gallow Rubbermaid tote boxes (labeled by color, of course), and (8) oversize Sterilite clear shoe boxes. And I still have 17 orders that haven't arrived yet. The boxes are stacked in the corners, on top of the cedar chest next to the bed and atop DH's dresser. They are stacked almost to the ceiling. I don't have a sewing room because my children refused to give up their rooms and move to the shed so I could have one. DH is a silent-suffering soul. He shakes his head and says to himself, "what does she think she's going to do with all that stuff?" The same thing he does with those power tools sitting in the shed rusting from non-use: look at them, fondle them, hold them close -- could I get arrested for this?
Name: Dorothy Posted: unknown
I too am a compulsive/obsessive when it comes to fabric, quilting books and patterns and notions to go along with it. My VISA is over the top and I've got to put a hold on my spending until I get it down and some of my beautiful fabrics used (I hate to cut into my good fabric and as a result, just buy more when I start something). Hopefully this is an addiction I will not get over, just get a little more control. Dorothy

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