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Confessions of a Quiltaholic!

Name: Carol Posted: unknown
My name is Carol and I have a problem! Why are we talking about quiltaholics like it was something bad??? Hey, we are supporting lots of cotton growers, factory workers, truckers, store owners and clerks, manufacturers of all those nifty toys ---oops, tools --- so necessary for daily life, even the fast-food industry because we forget to stop and cook dinner. We are, ladies and gentlemen, a vital part of the world economy! O.k. so I'm a quiltaholic too. That fabric needs to come home with me. So does every new book ( I have enough to do new projects well into eternity). Thank goodness for understanding hubby who looks in the sewing room and doesn't ask why it is such a mess. (I don't ask about his shop, either.) I do admit to taking it to extremes only once --- when I toted fabric, batting, needles and thread to Africa under the guise of teaching quilting at a mission hospital. How else could I have spent three months without a "fix"!? ;)
Name: Carol Posted: unknown
I have enjoyed your site so much and all the different quilt patterns. My grandmother was an extraordinary quilter and I have managed to get my hands on 4 of her quilts so i can give one to each of my children. She made one for each of her grandchildren but went blind before she could complete the last 2, one of which was mine. I had the top for years and almost lost it in a fire. I finally finished it but because of the quality of her work, I tied it instead of quilting it. It was hand pieced. I have been trying to identify the pattern and I think it is called "Duck foot in the mud". It is on the idea of the bear paw pattern but slightly different. I have made a lot of baby quilts and sold them and some full size ones as well. I am currently 58 years old and would still like to have my own business someday. Right now I am "convalescing" from open heart surgery performed on June 1, 2000. I am still trying to get my strength back and it is a slow road. By the way, you know the old saying "she who dies with the most fabric, wins!" My husband swears that I would be the automatic winner. We own a piece of land in Tennessee where we would like to retire (and start my business) and I honestly believe I could sew my fabrics together and pave the road from here to Tennessee and back. My husband sees one drawback in this plan, the place where we would relocate (Crossville, Tenn.) is about 3 miles from a fabric outlet and the property is within walking distance of a counted cross stitch supply store, Boy is he in trouble!. Sincerely, Carol
Name: Carol Posted: unknown
My name is Carol and I started quilting one year ago. I am hooked for life! I feel sorry for my relatives. I'm constantly making them look at my blocks, my quilt tops, my finished quilts, even photographs of my quilts, to give them a chance to admire it all. And of course every time I travel I have to hunt down all the quilt shops I can. While on vacation I've made my teenage son sit in the car and wait while I shop... of course I invited him in, but for some reason he wouldn't do it! I'm trying to invent an 8th day of the week to devote exclusively to quilting.... or figure out how to retire early and quilt all day every day. Wish me luck!
Name: Carol Posted: unknown
My name is Carol, and I'm a quiltaholic. I've gain immeasurable moral support from reading other confessions, and am beginning to realize what a novice I truly am. I've been into needle arts all my life, including knitting machines, but have only been a quilter for the last 15 months. I've come to realize that my stash is miniscule comparatively speaking. I only have one 30-year-old sewing machine, but my projects list on my computer shows 43 done in the since I started, and another 49 on the list to go. (Ask for a recount in another 10 minutes...) My kids are grown and gone, so I'm free to establish guest rooms, and oddly enough instead of two guest rooms I seem to have a sewing room and an "other" sewing room, too. Gotta love it! There are another couple of quilters here at work and we frequently lament that despite paying us the money to support our habits, this workday requirement sure cuts into our quilting time. On the other hand, there are days when the early word is "Roadtrip!" and we hit the road at lunchtime in search of sales at the quilt and fabric shops, so it's not a total loss. I no sooner do a design in my head and get the fabric and get started than there's another design rocketing around in my head that needs fabric and time to get started. Amen to the sister with the Wal-Mart bag every time. I hear, and I understand, totally. One thing our adventures and confession we share seem to do---keep us in stitches!
Name: Carolyn Posted: unknown
I must be a quiltaholic: the first thing I did when we moved into our new house was knock down a wall between two rooms so I could stand back far enough from my design wall to get a good view of the quilt in progress! And then I nearly maxed out the credit card building up my stash (woe is me, hee hee hee!) and buying a new computer so I could set up a quilting website! I hope there's no twelve-step program for recovering quiltaholics . . . --Carolyn
Name: Cassandra Posted: unknown
I have a confession to make, and realizing that A) my priest would not "get it" and B) this is the second Holyest place I know, I decided that here is the best place to lay out my goes:
Last night I snuck out of the house (told hubby had to pick up work from a client) and went to...the book store! It gets worse, I not only bought the first version of Q!Q!Q!, but the second one also. I, very Navy Sealesque, snuck both versions back into the house. My hubby has no clue. Then, today I went to the quilt shop and bought fabric to start my very first quilt (fabric in washer as I type). I am going to attempt to hand-piece and then hand quilt the Blue and White double 9-patch in the first book.
Tell me, am I doomed to a life of sin? Am I to spend eternity in the cutting line?...Cassandra
Name: Cassandra Posted: unknown
This is also for the other Cassandra! My priest wouldn't get it either. My DH doesn't but, bless him, he tries. If he had any idea how much I spend........! Was controlling my 'habit' until we got on i-net and I discovered fabric on line! I'm doomed - I'll probably spend eternity trying to justify this addiction. The explanation I give DH (& myself) is that the urge to explore my creativity is so strong because of my obligations to our kids (boys 2,8,15), the house, laundry, etc. I simply have to have that time for me - I'm complain that I'm losing myself & need to either go back to work or get a new sewing machine(or whatever). DH does not want to be home w/kids nights & wkends so guess what......... Got a new Phaff & love it! So now I have to make more quilts & faster so I don't die with the most fabric! But to make more quilts, I have to have more books; patterns; tools....... Maybe, I'll have to threaten to go back to work again (well, not right away - that machine was expensive!) I feel better after this confession - if I went back & read it I would feel guilty so I am not going to. Cassandra
Name: Cathy Posted: unknown
My name is Cathy and I am also a quiltaholic! I just found this out recently since I am new at this. I did not have a large stash of fabric but thanks to...hey wouldn't you know it, she's on this list too!!...shirley, my stash has gotten bigger and off I go!! I know I'm addicted because my DH and I are going to build a house. We are only in the looking for a house plan stage and over the months, I have been pouring over home plan books and found a wonderful home that my DH even liked, but little does he know, I said no to it because it didn't have a sewing room or room to build one on!! If he knew, he would just shake his head and smile because that's just me...the love of his life...crazy as she may be.
Name: Cathy Posted: unknown
I quilt every day. but I do EVERYTHING by hand. I am so obsessed by patterns of material, everywhere loOK I imagine what people are wearing would look like in a quilt. I have made several quilts for gifts, but I am making one now for my husband, Bo and me. I have plans to make quilts for all 5 of our children and 4 grandchildren by Christmas. Wish me luck!!!!!!!! Cathy
Name: Cathy Posted: unknown
I must confess, I too am a quiltaholic. My family and I went to visit some friends last weekend and I heard a horror story I must share with you. About a month ago, our friend's mother passed away. It was somewhat unexpected and was a very difficult experience for our friend. He was left with the task of going through his mother's things. I can't imagine how horrible this must have been for him. His wife began telling me all about the things they found and what they did with them. Appearantly, they found a cedar chest full of fabric in the house. She sounded flabbergasted, and said, "then we went into the garage and found box after box of fabric out there!" I asked what they had done with it all, hoping they still had it, and she said, "oh, we put it in garbage bags and set it by the road." My heart nearly stopped. I bet his poor mother would roll over in her grave if she knew. I haven't been able to get the tragedy out of my mind. Is this the ultimate fate of all of our stashes when we die?...Cathy from Texas
Name: Charlotte Posted: unknown
Hello, I'm Charlotte and I am an addict. I realized there was a problem when all of my vacation stories involved quilt shops and fat quarters. My husband is concerned because OUR workroom is now MY sewing room and his computer stuff has been moved into the living area. However, the need for fabric is not a bad addiction. Fabric does not require food or trips to the vet. It does not cause cancer or make you fat. You can leave it at home alone and never have to hire a sitter. It may call your name, but it rarely argues (unlike teenagers and spouses). My husband finally understands that I must buy fabric. An artist can mix paint to get the right color or combinations, but a quilter is limited to the stash on hand.
Name: Cheri Posted: unknown
Hi my name is Cheri. I just got through reading all of the confessions and I had to laugh. I found so much of myself reading all of those stories that I had to write. I have somewhat taken over my DH's computer. I have called it the black hole, there's always bigger, faster and better ways to improve the system. We ran out of ink and paper for the printer. Why you ask?? Well, I kept finding mystery quilts, instructions for blocks and quilt history that we ran out of some of the essentials...paper and ink. He now stats that I use his black hole to help with my black hole. I found a case of paper and am looking for ink in mass quantity. The other confession I have is that I have now left my husbad and son to fend for themselves for dinner. I can't stop sewing, reading and plotting the next quilt. Of course there are so many that I want to do that I will be dead before I can even begin to complete all that I desire. I have had to limit my shopping sprees to the fabric store, the fabrics are so beautiful that I know I can use that piece in something before I actually do die!! I know that some of my friends think I am on self-destruct mode, but I can't seem to help myself. It is absolutely wonderful to know that I am not alone. I know that I will need help when I actually find someone who lives close with the same addictions. I don't think anything will help at that point. The other problem I have is that I don't want to go to appointments, water the flowers in my garden, clean house, feed the cuts into my sewing time. I have to get off this thing, I'm late for an appointment.
Name: Cheryl Posted: unknown
Yikes! My name is Cheryl and you tell I a quiltaholic? I used to do cross stich for many years. One fine July day I decided to take a quilt class at my local quilt store to do something for "me" and to save my sanity (I have two babies under age 2 and a 13 year old). It is now January, and in 7 months I have completed a block of the month class (yes, completing all the Jan-June blocks I missed), about 10 wall hangings, and several quilts-in-progress. I have a stash that isn't quite bulging out of a room, but I may have to convert my home office into a sewing/fabric/stash room, and I have many books and patterns stacked up in neat lines, which I longingly look at to plan my next "project". I toy with the idea of taking a second job to support my fabric habit! I love my daughter's out of town softball games, because I make trips to the local quilt stores and guessed it, more fabric and patterns! I am in the local quilt store so often, that they thought I should just bring in a cot to sleep there. Fortunately, my DH is supportive of my "habit" (I think it gives him more remote control time) with only one complaint and that is that each quilt that I finish, I say "I can't possibly put this on our bed where the kids could jump on it" so he wonders when I will complete a machine pieced quilt that can withstand the trials of a two year old and an 18 month old and us! I wonder too, but tell him that I absolutely need more fabric if I am to complete that project!! Happy quilting to all you quiltaholics.
Name: Cheryl Posted: January 2005
Hi, my name is Cheryl and I'm a Quiltaholic. I started about 20 years ago taking a quilting course thru a senior citizens center. All of the women were much older than I. I was a mere 27 years old at the time. I didn't get enough of the 'fix' at the time to 'hook' me but that was then and this is now! I have a room. A moved out child's room that used to hold a bed, dresser, clothes, toys and all the things that girls collect as they become women. Now it holds fabric, batting, tools, a 10 foot antique quilt frame, a 4 X 6 quilt frame, shelves and bags of fabric that I can't decide what to do with. I have piles of Orientals, Thimbleberries, flannels, baby, quilt shop material, JoAnn material, Wal-Mart material, a 4 drawer plastic storage unit which hold my threads - hand quilting, all purpose, metallic; then there's the piles of WIP: a king size 8 different color purple log cabin with butterflies outlined in gold for the center, 3 other quilts (all queen size) waiting for their turn on the frame to be quilted, and that's upstairs! Downstairs I have a cedar chest next to the computer which holds all my Jinny Beyer material, and in the other room (only because I can't fit it in here) is a blanket chest which has more WIP. I have found new ways to 'blend' what I purchase in with my other stash so my DH doesn't ask 'more material?' I just try to get it all washed and dried before he comes home. Or I wait until he has to leave then bring it in and add it to the laundry. And I sick? Can I be saved? Do I want to be saved? I would rather quilt than eat. I would rather quilt than work or sleep. My DH has told me several times that my supper is ready. Which I've always ended up eating cold. (Yes, bless his heart, he cooks, I quilt) I actually went on a bus shop hop in Northern Ohio. On the bus trip I pulled out a picture of my fabric room. I told everyone as I passed the picture around "This is why I don't need to be on this bus." They all laughed but we all brought bags back from every stop we made. I'm not sure if he who dies with the most fabric wins, but I believe I am in the race!
Name: Chryssa Posted: April 2004
My sister and I drove from Wisconsin to a funeral in New York state. During the funeral I got this idea... how many quilt shops are on the way home? I borrowed a cousin's laptop, and mapped the route home, identifying all quilt shops that were within 10 miles of our main route. We had a BLAST! I was just starting to collect florals for watercolor quilting at the time. I lost count after 24 shops, and bought over two hundred different fabrics (all on sale, of course), from 1/2 yd cuts to "heck, give me what's left on the bolt"!
Name: Cindy Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Cindy and I am a Quiltaholic. I am also the daughter of Jean whose confession you may have read. Finding the time to type this confession has been a struggle!!! My machine and fabric have a tight hold on me. I got QuiltPro for Christmas and haven't found the time to get throught the tutorial. I turned my addiction into a small business in an effort to support my fabric habit. Guess gives me MORE reasons to buy fabric, patterns, tools, etc. I have been really busy and I think it's great that people like my work...HOWEVER...I don't have the time to work on my own quilts. So, for now I'll keep quilting and loving every minute of it. I will also continue with the physical therapy on my neck and shoulders. Yes, it's caused by sewing!!! Happy Quilting.
Name: Cindy Posted: January 2005
Greetings! My name is Cindy. I started quilting almost 2 years ago. I enjoy "stashbuilding" but my real passion is books and patterns. I am an avid reader so I feel the need to have handy reference at all time. Almost 300 books and patterns later and 3 deep shelves full of fabric has my husband screaming,"NO MORE!" I am a sewer though--not just collector. Nothing feels better than sewing that last stitch and knowing I can start another new project.
Name: Claire Posted: unknown
I'm not exactly a "quiltaholic" in the sense that I'm really only a beginner. Approximately 3 years ago, a wonderful, kind and sweet friend, and fellow employee, took the time to get my interest back into sewing. I was having some severe emotional problems that were developing into physical problems, and we felt that learning something to keep me busy would put the "fun" back into my life.
Unbeknownst to me at the time, my problem wasn't emotional, but a large unfriendly making a home in the right side of my brain and it was creating havoc. As I became more ill and started to fail, my attempts at quilting were actually becoming a more and more increasing source of joy. My projects weren't perfect and my seams left a lot to be desired, but I was thrilled each time I "presented" a finished project.
Finally, in the summer of 1996, I had reached a point that the situation with my health was more than emotional and, with the support of my family and my doctor, and the Hands of God, I underwent brain surgery in Johns Hopkins. When I awoke, I was deaf on one side, with a physical disability that, in time, would get a little better and I could, and do, lead a beautiful life. As soon as I learned how to walk and talk and tie my own shoes again, the sewing machine became my dear friend again. And my wonderful friend from work (who is a fantastic quilter) began to work with me and my spirits and my enthusiasm started anew.
I have scads of material and "easy" little block patterns to work with. My friend always finds time at work to show me something else "neat" to do as a gift or a treat. My work - wrong word - my enjoyment grows each day and with it, my strength in myself and my self-confidence glows. My seams are still "off" and the corners don't always seem to match and maybe the 12" square isn't exactly 12"...but I'm happy, so I will say Good Night because behind me my sewing machine is beckoning me to finish another baby quilt...God Bless...Claire
Claire sent an addition to this 2 days later: I didn't think that I was a "quiltaholic" until I wandered into the fabric shop with my girlfriend and walked out with 15 FQs and about 6 yards of various other prints because I suddenly discovered the "urge" to do something in red or maybe blue or maybe lavender or maybe pink or maybe - oh, just pick a color...and besides you can never have too many baby quilts in case of an emergency...
Name: Chris Posted: unknown
Hello, my name is Chris, Crispy to my friends, and I too am a quiltaholic. It's great to know that I'm in such good company. We recently moved and I had so much fun packing! One day for entire house and 4 days for my stash of fabric. Of course, you can't just "pack" fabric, you have to caress each piece, measure it, tag it and then put it in a box lined with plastic & tissue paper. Obviously, the first thing unpacked was the fabric; after I put my DH to work building shelves and putting up my design wall. Well, 9 months later I still have a few boxes to unpack but every piece of my stash has been lovingly put in it's proper place. Happy Quilting!!

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