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Confessions of a Quiltaholic!

Name: Barb Posted: unknown

I've been a quilter all my life, although I didn't know it until I was grown. When I was a little girl I'd draw these patterns that really made no sense at the time, and color them in with colored pencils. I had no idea I was designing quilts! When I was in ninth grade I was taking geometry, art, and sewing classes. When I tried to go to sleep at night everytime I closed my eyes, I was sewing colored triangles together! Even then I did not understand what was happening. I made my first quilt when I was pregnant with my oldest son, who will be 27 this month. I've been quilting ever since. When that son left home a few years ago I put all my fabric in his room. As the years have gone by I've bought more fabric and that room has become so jammed that I've had to bring my sewing machine upstairs to the dining room. My husband has not actually said anything out loud....yet. When I no longer do daycare I am going to take over that room. It's bigger than the bedroom and I've already had him build a counter with closed cupboards under it to accomodate fabric bins. I know he is worried about that as it is visible to visitors there and there's a big front window that looks out on the street. He doesn't understand the fabric addiction. One phrase he likes to use is "why don't you make a quilt out of that fabric you already have?" He did drive me 60 miles to the fabric store two days in a row one time, not really understanding why I had to buy 29 yards total of a particular fabric. I bought him the book "A Husband's Guide to Quilt Appreciation" for Christmas. I swear a few days ago he actually said "Huh!" a little more enthusiastically when I was rambling on about some quilty thing. I'm happy to be a quilter, and I, like someone else here said, "hope there is no twelve step program for quilters." ... Barb

Name: Barbara Posted: unknown
I can totally relate to each and everyone of your quiltoholics. I too have a quilt addiction. I have been sewing for about 30 years, but only quilting for about seven years. My whole life is also consumed by quilts. I have quilt checks, quilts on all the walls, almost all the quilt books, and tons of fabrics. BTW....that DH that suggested his wife had a hundred dollars tied up in fabric....can we clone that one??? He's definitely a keeper. I went to my first quilt auction last year...and was the "first bidder" on almost every quilt. It was held at the local quilt guild, and with all those people there, I couldn't understand why they didn't bid like I was. Well, four purchased quilts later....I finally figured it out. They were trying to hold the prices down, and I was not helping. I had to leave the auction early, and the organizers were openly distraught about it. said...will be back next I scooted off with my new treasures. Thanks again for your web site, keep up the good work, and I will be back to read all the great stories there...Barbara in CA
Name: Bert Posted: unknown
Hi! My name is Bert and I just discovered I am not alone in my collectafabric-quiltaholic ways! GREAT! My family gives me lots of static about all my "stuff" because alas, my specially built 11x22' sewing room holds more than sewing stuff! It sorta looks like a minimuseum/citydump/sewing store with a Y trail! But--it's my room and my stuff--so, family, leave me alone. "I vant--to be--a-lone!" I love it! (After my dad finished building it for me, I called him and said there was only one thing wrong with my room-- It's not big enough! He had suggested I swap with my husband who has the 25x40' side of the basement for his pool table and his dart board.) When my daughter lamented that someone would really have a job someday cleaning out this room, I said "Take what you want and then call my Quilt Guild. No problem!" My family thinks I am the only one with this buying fabric when you don't "need" it addiction. Just need More time, More money, More fabric! Ha!
Name: Betsy Posted: unknown
Hi, my name is Betsy, and I now know I am a quiltaholic, (well I already knew that) but what I am really addicted to is the internet. I am in severe withdrawal right now. My server is down and I have not gotten mail for 3 days. I have been without my quiltlists for 3 whole days!!! No news, no notes, no tips, no nothing coming through. They say they will fix it ASAP, but that is not seen enough...I feel like I've lost a part of me. The only good this is that I have more time for actual quilting.
Name: Bonnie Posted: unknown
Several months ago I went to the local quilt shop to buy more of 2 particular fabrics. With that done I was cruising the fabric oohing and aaahing over so many things. As it happened I found two different marbled fabrics in shades of pink/magenta that made the current wip just stand out and say hello! A Moda an a Hoffman. So I determine approx how much fabric for borders and decide on both. On my way to the cash register a Hoffman Batik reached out and forced me to buy 2 yards of it too.
When I get home with my purchases my DH perused my selections with his knowing smile (he know's I'm going to come home with more than I originally intend to) As I lay the border fabrics next to the WIP that /@#% Batik jumped into the mix and said Me Too! I was sad for days because the quilt is for someone else and I really wanted that Batik. The owners of the quilt (family members who do deserve it) loved the fabrics too.
So time passes and the wip gets put on hold for awhile. In the mean time I started making a quilted coat. I chose several fabrics in purples and greens. As I peruse my stash for more fabrics to include my eyes fall on the 3 beautiful fabrics I had set aside. In a weak moment I decided a few strips of each fabric, surely won't be missed. So I cut, before the moment passed. Now I feel slightly guilty because I may not have enough to make the borders I planned. And my family members might just notice that! Bonnie
Name: Brandy Posted: January 2005
I started knitting just short of a year ago. I have amassed a collection of fiber that would make any knitter drool. Koigu, Collinette, Debbie Bliss, Noro, you name it, I have it. More recently I got burnt out on knitting due to some failures on my part to read a sweater pattern correctly. Needing a break from knitting and Christmas was fast approaching. What do you want for XMAS? My husband asked. What did I want indeed, I had recently purchased a drop spindle and some fiber and was experimenting with spinning, and I had really wanted a spinning wheel. But being the yarn snob that I am, and needle snob that I am (only Addi Turbo's and Crystal Palace bamboo for this girl) I decided that I wouldn't want a wheel unless it was the best and I couldn't in good conscious after ALL THAT YARN purchase a $500 wheel. So I had been experimenting with embroider and had seen a lovely embroidered quilt. I want to make that, I thought to myself. I even went out and bought the white fabric for the top and washed it up and cut it and started to embroider it. Hrmm I would need a sewing machine to put it together right? So for XMAS my husband got me the Kenmore (Janome) 19233 from sears. Suddenly I have immersed myself into the world of quilts and quilting fabrics. I had finished my first baby quilt the FIRST week I used the sewing machine, my *first* time using a sewing machine. This is NOT talent, this is OBSSESION!!! I am very sure that I probably have close to $1,000 in yarn at my house, I have SWORN up and down not to let fabric fever spread in my vains the way fiber has. So this confession comes from a Fiber AND Fabric "aholic" who is trying desperately not to buy more fabric. My new years resolution (of course it was quilting related...) is to NOT buy any fabric for quilt B, until the quilt TOP is done for quilt A. I'll let you know how that works out.
Name: BrendaLou Posted: unknown
My name is BrendaLou and I am a quiltaholic. Last year my husband came into my sewing room. He looked at the fabric lining two of the walls, floor to ceiling. He looked at the bins and boxes overflowing on the floor and in the closet. He noted the large antique dresser crammed so full of fabric the drawers will not close. He saw the unsteady piles of fabric on top of the dresser and the pile of quilt shop bags waiting to be opened in the corner. "Bren," he said with grave seriousness, "I bet you have a hundred dollars worth of fabric here!" After a long pause I quietly replied, "Honey, you may be right." True story.

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