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Confessions of a Quiltaholic!

Name: Adrienne Posted: unknown
Hello! My name is Adrienne, I am twenty-two years old and live in Seattle, WA. I first became interested in quilting when, at work in the library, on my college campus, my boss and her co-workers started talking about quilt patterns, blocks, et al. I had always been a sewer, focusing on cross-stitch and historical costuming, but I had no idea that this new art-form would create an addiction in me like no other! After carressing my co-workers' quilted pieces (for what seemed like days) and oogling the books they brought in (on paid work hours no less) I finally decided to make my own quilt. On a vacation to my childhood birthplace, Washington D.C., I bought brightly colored fabrics in yellows, pinks, greens and purples to create a mis-matched, non-alligned, messy quilt that I treasure to this day! That was one year ago and I am still hand-quilting it . . . marveling and laughing at all the mistakes I have made. Currently I am at work on my second *and* third quilt . . . using the Oh Susanna pattern and The Road To Oklahoma pattern . . . one is for me and the other for my mother. I have paid closer attention to aligning the corners more and freely admit that I still have a ton to learn -- which provides a joyful rush with the thought! I have a huge stash (in fact yesterday I took the bus all the way to the fabric store so that I wouldn't be **rushed** by the non-sewing family members -- after all, the inner debate of whether to get three no four? Maybe two? Three and a half? yards of fabric is important and takes time) and tomorrow I look forward to going to the Pacific Northwest Quilt Show!!!! I believe I am seriously addicted and will continue quilting into a ripe old age (with cats on my lap) because I have already picked out a great house, with a porch and rocker to sew on and decided that I need two . . no three rooms to house my fabric and make a mess that won't be frowned on! Well, that's it! Feel free to email me at: Oh! And a great book for those who are interested: "The Quilter's Apprentice" -- not only is it a *great piece of fiction* but it's amazing what one learns from its pages that are applicable to quilting as well! Sew On et Sew On!
Name: Agnes Posted: unknown
Yes, I am a quiltaholic. It all began in 1982, July 4th weekend. A friend invited me for a cookout and in showing me his new home also showed me two quilts his mother had made. That did it! They were "quilts in person," not pictures in a magazine. I began my first quilt 2 months later and have been going ever since. I have so much fabric and so much guilt, I was relieved last year while attending a sewing seminar the speaker said, "I collect quilting paraphernalia." Eureka!! All the money spent on quilting books, mags, fabrics are now collectibles. Guilt is gone. Now I'm free to go to the nearest quilt store. My children, all grown, know how much I love sewing/quilting. They were blown over when I spent almost 2 months salary on a Bernina. They think I have 3 sewing machines, but I did not tell them about the Featherweight I bought. When my daughter is doing a small sewing project, she comes over and goes through my fabric stash and just takes what she needs. And now we have something in common. Her husband bought her a new Bernina for Christimas. I'm working on getting her to quilt. She may be writing you next...Agnes
Name: Althea Posted: unknown
Hi! My name is Althea. I am definetely a quiltaholic. I can't pass up a fabric store without buying fabric. I am always looking for tips and ways to do things. I have taught myself the art of quilting. I have made a pact with myself that I will never start a new quilt until I am finished with the one I am working on. I want to kill myself for this because I have so many ideas running through my head and I want to start on the next one now but can't. I can't wait until I can retire and spend all my days in my quilting room. My quilting room has grown though it is expanding into the house. A table for cutting in front of the television. I too hate every minute I am at work because I want to work on that quilt that is sitting at home waiting for me to finish it.
Name: Amy Posted: unknown
I taught myself to quilt last summer. (So you should have agood idea about my skill level) I have taken a couple of classes. (I took a class with Karen Buckley - Best of Show at Lancaster this year, been on the cover of a few magazines, wrote 3 or 4 books - who is known for beautiful applique. I had never even attempted applique before that!) I am not married, although I live in a small apartment with my boyfriend and I have no children. However, I plan quilts for my kids! My biggest obsession is "Fat Quarters" I think I need one or two - I get 12 so that I can have one for free! - This is a problem! Amy in Baltimore
Name: Amy S. Posted: April 2004
Hello, My name is Amy S. Yes I to am a new proud quitaholic, fabric stasher (hehe)... I love all things quilts. I not only stash the fabric but the money to get more fabric. My hubby loves that this is my obbsesoin. He too wants me to quilt a design that he has in mind, he is also willing to buy the fabric to do this...(oh boy Yes!!). I have 4 different sewing machines, and still I sure do want the big one! I have one bedroom in my house so dedicated to all my quilt stuff and now running out of room! I have so many books, mags, notions and templates, and now the computer! I take my quilting everywhere, to the office, to friends houses, if I can setup there it goes... So much to learn and so many quilts to do and so little time, Happy quilting to all!!
Name: Angela Posted: April 2004
Hello everyone, I am a 33 year-old mother of 3 children (son-10,girl-9,and girl-6). I started to quilt when a friend of a Kindergarten child at the same school as my young one. And I have been hooked every sense, but am also scared to do the quilts that have the HSTs and things like that I hope being in this group will help me along in my love for making quilts. I really do love buying fabric, even though there isn't a project in mind. I just think maybe. I am also cold all the time so, for some reason I am hooked on flannel, but maybe one day I will go to cotton. I live in Spokane Washington. In Friendship, Angela
Name: Annie Posted: unknown
Hello my name is Annie and I'm a quiltaholic. I've only been quilting for about 9 years and love every minute of it. I buy any book or magazine about quilting that I can find. I have also went on quilt vacations and left hubby and the kids to home, did I feel guilty not a chance. One day my hubby gave me $50 to go buy some material because he knew that I had no material to sew. If he only knew. I have so much fabric stashed and I keep buying more. I also do quilting through the mail, more fabric exchanges!!!.
Name: Anthony Posted: unknown
Hi. My name is Anthony and I'm a quiltaholic. Ashamed to admit it, but I too am moving to a larger place so that I can have room to store my fabric. I own 5 sewing machines (2 purchased this year). Quilt books line my book shelves and all the leather bound "fine" literature has been boxed away. I have underbed chest crammed with patterns and magazines. I even save the pictures that come in letters that the book clubs send out. I have more fabric than many quilt shops, most of which is much too nice to cut. But, I have developed a different attitude about my fabric habit. I look at myself as a "fabric collector". Which means that I don't ever have to actually use any of it. After all, nobody would expect a stamp collector to mail her stamps or a coin collector to spend his coins. Is this a cry for help or what???
Name: Arlene Posted: August 2006
Hi My name is Arlene, in my 70's, and I use to watch my aunt making quilts when I was a little girl. She used to make log cabin quilts using any scraps of material , keeping light colors on one side and dark colors on the other. She always backed them on old material, such as sheets which made them stronger . She also made a butterfly quilt with hand embroidery that was neater than any machine satin stitch. I use to think I was the only one that collected material, and sewing machines, but find when you become addictive, we are all alike. I am just trying to use up the material I have on hand.Unfortunatly, I am always adding to it. I have a very small house, with little storage room. Having more quilts than I can ever use, so, I usually give them to various nieces and nephews,and for gifts etc. A few friends and I mostly do machine sewn quilts and tied. The big problem is putting the quilts together. We usually go to my sister's house, and lay them out on a queen size bed, pinning them together. I wish I had room for a huge table. I also make quilts for the Linus Foundation, to give to children in the hospital. Quilting is so relaxing for me. I do a lot of work while watching TV. I love reading everyone's confessions.
Name: Astrid Posted: January 2005
Dear fellow quilters.. My name is Astrid and I currently live in Holland. I got bitten by the quilt 'bug' about nine years ago and started this fantastic craft. Unfortunately I haven't been able to continue my hobby for the last two years because of a battle with depression. But I'm happy to say that things are brightening up! I went to the Quilt Expo in The Hague and being surrounded by all those women (some men too!) and seeing those beautiful creations made me feel connected to the craft again.For the first time in years I felt the 'itch' to create and sew again! I want to start with something simple so I thought of making a Yo-Yo quilt coverlet. I soon found out that I'm going to need lots and lots of scraps for that. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I wish you all lots of quiltingfun and all the best life has to offer. Despite everything it really is a beautiful world....

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