Are you cold often? Choose a unique wool quilt!

In addition to its unique looks and softness, merino wool has a number of other outstanding features. It is one of those materials that offer many advantages in the bedroom, so wool is one of the most valuable and most valuable natural fibers. Exceptional ventilation, excellent thermoregulatory properties and fantastic ability of moisture removal is distinguished. These are all the features that make the wool really unique.

The wool is resistant to mites and whiskers

Wool fibers consist of a protein called keratin, which prevents accumulation of dust and formation of mold. Wool is not the center that corresponds to the development of microorganisms (mites and molds), since all the moisture is separated through the core of fibers and does not represent a humid environment in which microorganisms prefer to stay.

Wool is a great temperature regulator

Many think that wool is exclusively a warm material, which is not true. Wool is considered one of the most transparent fabrics. Translucency is a feature of a material that tells you how much a certain material is capable of breathing and warmth, especially the heat of the body. The wool enters the heat in its fibers. As the body temperature is higher, the woolen fibers accumulate more heat and are drawn to the surface. Thanks to this feature, woolen covers have the ability to warm you on cooler nights and coolly warm in the warmer months, respectively, regulate the temperature to the optimum. Naturally, weighted woolen covers are more suitable for use during the winter, while lighter wool covers are ideal for use during warmer months.

The wool drains moisture well

The advantage of wool is that it removes moisture from the skin during sleep and releases it to the surface of the quilt / linen. In this way, your sleeping environment is dry, even if you are one of the individuals who are sweating overnight.

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