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And here we are...another year has gone by. I've broken a foot, spent the last 9 months in physical therapy, had a short stay in the hospital..and had my niece living with me for just over 3 months. And I'm still working. It's amazing how fast a year goes.

The one thing I've missed is the quilt shows that I normally go to every year. Since my job is contract...I don't work, I don't get paid...which has kept me from taking the time off to travel to the shows. I miss them!! I now have some mobility back, and more importantly, my studio back (it's also my quest room) and I plan to do some sewing. Like most quilters, I have tons of projects "in process" and I'm going to complete a few of them. The way time is going, Christmas is just around the corner.

Weekend Whatever Mystery : And it's time for another Mystery Quilt...WW#28. The mystery was supposed to run in March, but life really got in the way this time, and it's going to run the weekend of June 1st/2nd at my normal times. There is quite a bit of "pre-sewing" so don't wait too long to decide whether or not you're going to join me. So, what size...the design is in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. All the same design, just different size blocks. There is more information on the YahooGroups maillist...just backtrack any messages from Quiltaholics.

BOM : I really doubt that I'm going to carve the time out of my erratic life to post any more blocks, no matter how good my intentions are. I'm going to continue to recommend that for those who like to collect BOMS join the Quilt Pro Block of the Day. I have and I've received a lot of fun blocks...both pieced and paper-pieced, and this year they're also doing some quilting stencil designs. Just click here to join. If you have any questions on piecing any of the blocks, I'd be happy to help you...just email me.

Please continue to put "Quiltaholics" as part of the subject when sending me email. I am getting so much spam mail that I may miss something I need to address...and I'd hate to miss anything you send me. If you don't hear from me within a week, please send the email again because it probably got caught in a junk mail clean out.

Well...we topped 1500 on the "announcement list", but since I dropped off the radar and haven't posted anything new...we lost a quite few quilters. I guess I'm going to have to do something about that. If you would like to get notified when I do updates, please click on the icon...then follow the directions on yahoogroups.com to get added. If anyone has trouble with this, please let me know.

As always, please email me with any suggestions, or comments. I love hearing from everyone who visits.

May all your loved ones be safe and happy in these troubled times.        

p.s...how many remember the "Quiltaholics Anonymous" pins I had a while back? I still have these as I never got them posted. I'm going to find them and will let you know how you can get one...

All designs on this site are now created with Electric Quilt Software.

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